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Guest Scumbaits

Scum foreigner Master Baiter at 202-780-5896

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Guest Scumbaits   
Guest Scumbaits

I've never posted anything here before, but given the level of obnoxiousness I received from a foreigner scammer, I had to do so.  Give this Hindu fella hell at 202-780-5896. 

I am a polite businessman.  I go through call logs once each week and return calls I received to my dormant vanity numbers I hold to "clean" them.  After the log showed 19 calls at random hours over a four-day period from 202-780-5896, I politely called and asked that this Hindu-sounding fella put my number on his do-not-call list.  Well, of course, this works only 30% of the time with most scammers.  Typically I get a hang-up or some Indian gibberish that I cannot understand.  This time, after asking for confirmation of my request and to please repeat my real number (since I spoof my outgoing number in case I don't reach a human), the Hinda spelled out "F-U-C-K Y-O-U."  Accordingly, when you call, tell him you got his call and you need to deliver a message from the High Goat -- "F-U-C-K Y-O-U." 

Thank you.


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