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Uncle Spam

Saying Hello! because I have good manners

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So when you refer to patiently you mean like an average of 10/15 emails before I start to do some daring requests? 

As for building confidence, how do I fully build one when the scammer asks me for info and details right from the start and I have to stall and decline? I do know some types of scam are not really worth trolling or baiting (or so I've read around here in some topics) but my dodging technique, as of now, is just saying I'm not sure I can send that many information over email and playing unsure about the requests they make. By doing this I try to get them to start sending me details about the scam. But there's probably more suitable techniques I can employ to stall and keep them talking...

For instance, I am replying to a famous scam (won't state which because they actually may look at this types of forums and this section is publicly accessible -  *insert thin foil hat here* ) and the guy just blatantly ignores my requests for further information and "re asks" for my details. I am playing a youngster who is unsure about sending info over the web and the scammer always responds, so I assume he's interested because I'm playing easy and naive, however I think I may start to loose him if I don't start sending some bullshit info to keep him on the hook. I played the broken .pdf card and maybe I should have waited a little longer.

I think I'll spend some time tomorrow setting up a viciously religious old grandpa who posts on Facebook 24/7 eheh !


Thank you, Remain blessed & I  remain yours faithful and sincere,

Uncle Spam,

Junior Representative of RoyalBS and husband to my late wife



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Hey :) recently got interested in this world of sp(c)am while I was cleaning some old email accounts!

Still learning though.. I'm currently trying to bait some scammers to the best of my creativity and hope the material will be worth a follow up posting in the forum!

As for techniques and tips, any1 care to share some insight? Also, hello to the community!

I am currently using one account to catch some scam content and another one to follow up on them. Also, I'm quite keen on getting scammers to actually make mistakes and send back some personal info. For this I will probably need to set up a facebook account and get a phone number. I know how to make a FB account but I need to make it look real and not traceable. As such, since I will have to use a FB photo, where should I look to get a legitimate photo of someone without compromising the person? Or maybe just use some photo from a semi-famous person? Also, is it safe to use FB to bait? I know they do all sorts of profile linking and someone may end up seeing my real account on the "people you may know" section ...

Will try to update on my developments!


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:welcome2: Uncle Spam!

Baits in general - scammers are often pretty paranoid when you send your first replies, they don't know who you are but they do know that scambaiters exist. "Straight bait" for the first few exchanges - don't say anything weird, make plausible excuses when they ask for stuff like your passport scan or birth certificate (I don't recommend even sending fake ones because they reuse these when messaging victims). When the scammer seems to trust you, then you can start getting more inventive and really slowly start asking them to do anything you want them to do. Main thing is patience! If you go too quickly, they'll drop you. Don't go asking for sign photos etc straight away! Also, think what baiting achieves - it wastes their time, and gives you their personal details. When they ask for money, it's worth trying to get them to give you their bank account - you can get their bank account closed! When you get their bank accounts, send them my way and I'll make sure they get closed (also include any proof linking that bank account to a scammer - like the original scam email and the email which included the bank account)

Baiting on Facebook - I recommend using an incognito/in-private/private window in your web browser to try and stop Facebook linking that account to you. I discourage using photos of ITPs (innocent third parties) because (1) they're innocent, and (2) scammers will reuse photos you give them - instead you can for example use prisoner mugshots or photos of known criminals. Make sure you have several photos of the person - scammers on Facebook often ask for other photos of you and if you don't give them any they will often stop messaging you! Hide your friends list on Facebook, and post/share rubbish often (scammers love old widows who share religious pictures on Facebook!)

Hope this helps!

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That sounds about right but you'll notice when it's time. Get them 'off script' before you try anything - again, you'll notice when they are. Scammers will usually start off by using a set of scripted responses with you, so it's worth asking questions or saying something that would require a custom answer. If they reply with some generic scripted response, ask the questions again! Don't be afraid to get impatient with them and ask why they're ignoring you - e.g. with your current bait!

You could try to find a reason for not proceeding with them (that's where fake churches help - scammers need to join before going further!). You could also ask why they need that information and how they can prove it's stored securely.

Your grandpa idea sounds promising, hope it works!


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