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Hi From India

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Sorry to hear what happened, unfortunately it's very common :( I will share your video on our Facebook page of Scammed.by


You're not alone when you get scammed, there's a community out there where you can meet fellow victims and receive support : http://www.scamsurvivors.com


Thanks for the video and also for describing what happened here so others can read it and avoid being scammed in the same way

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I was a victim of a scam this week and I'm still reeling under a shock of how gullible I am to fall for this.


My story is -


I got a friend request on facebook, which I unsuspectingly accepted. Ever since the guy was trying to convince me that he is a british business man who wants to invest in India. When he said that his wife passed away during childbirth and he has a young son of whom he sent pics of, I fell for this. On the day we were supposed to meet, he called saying that he was at the New delhi airport. He said that the immigration officer has detained him and he does not understand what she is speaking and that she will call me to explain. Some time later the immigration officer who I later realised as fake, called me and said that this "Chris Joe" has some valuables with him due to which he has to pay some duty which amounts to 75000 rupees. I called that "Chris Joe" and explained what that immigration officer said. He said that his master card does not work in the airport and that he will pay me once I get back. The immigration officer had said that I need to pay by 1 PM, as after that time the customs people will go for lunch and he will be stranded in the airport. With only couple of hours to go I rushed to my bank and transferred money to an account SMSed by the immigration officer. All that was running on my mind at that time was that, I need to help a foreign man stranded in a strange foreign country which he is supposedly visiting for the first time... A decision which I will regret for the rest of my life... After I transferred the money, I called the immigration lady and told the money was transfered. She replied that she will check with the customs if the money has been credited. After many hours she said that the money has been transferred, and she will now show Chris Joe the booking counter to book his flight ticket to my state. After couple of hours both called and said that the booking counters had closed and that he is very tired today and he will retire to a hotel for the night, and come to my state tomorrow. When I asked him the hotel which he is going to, he said he is very tired and will call me back later.


Later that night I had contacted some friends who told me that this was scam, but my money was gone.


The fraud "Chris Joe" called me the next day morning, and said that he he has 400,000 USD with him and that he wants to transfer that money to my account as the airline will not let him carry the money on the flight and that immigration officer advised him to do so. He said that he has given to money to RBI and that they will transfer the money to my account(Reserve bank of India is actually not a bank, but a regulatory body, RBI is a favorite ploy used by the scamsters to make their claim sound genuine) . He asked me to SMS him my email address and account details. By then I was alert, and had consulted with my lawyer and filed a complaint with my state police. Whenever he called, I just kept telling him that I will transfer and to call me back in some time, but I never sent any more details.


There is no help in India for this crime. I have complained to the police and sent my story to different media. But there is no respite. A leading news channel in India told me that they receive atleast one or two calls everyday on this, and that they cannot do anything about it. I retorted that how come if they have seen so many cases for this, couldn't they atleast make some documentary on it, which will be seen by billions of Indians who will be alerted on such scams on social media. She said she will discuss with her team and get back to me on it, but so far she has not contacted me.


In the meanwhile I have done my bit on making a powerpoint movie on my story and general advice on online dating scam - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-wDFBBW1xo I have seen many more you tube videos now on such scams, but mostly unless one goes through this they wont look for and watch these videos.


I have realised that once you fall for such scam then there is noone who can save you. You are all alone. I'm hoping that whatever I share and wherever I share,, Someone is helped by it. Thanks for listening.


I hope to hang around here and see if I can make life frustrating for these scammers that their finances dry up as nobody falls for their plans ever again..

For any Indians here to know and watchout, The phone numbers from which I received the scam calls are -
3 Indian numbers:
91- 7042941325
91- 7838876190

2 UK numbers:
44- 7624846339

fraud immigration officer's email id:
[email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>


The scammer account details:

Acc name - Vikesh sharma,

Account number - 20247519719

PAN number - FPEPS0135C


State Bank of India Ltd

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