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Been Away For A While

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junglejym    0

A few years ago I really enjoyed reading some accounts on this site, and after moving and getting busier with work, drifted away.

However, a recent event served as a reminder, thought I'd share it with you.

Looking to upgrade to a full format digital camera, I put my trusty 60D and a kit lens on cl. Pretty quickly, I received an offer.



Hello, I came across this post on Cragilist Classified and am interested
let me know if you still got it.

Samantha Fields


I replied that yes, I still had the camera.
Good to know it's still up for sale! well am getting it for my niece use so
does it come with the original box & where are you located at ??


Told her that I was in central AL, and that I might be able to find the original box, and asked to ensure that the price was agreeable.
Ok, i hope it good condition, do you have a PayPal account so i can pay you
asap ?


Started to get my hopes up. Christmas is coming, loving aunt wants to buy something nice, and quickly. I gave her my Paypal email address.
Hello i have made the payment successfully including postage fee off and
the receipt i got from PayPal stated an email confirmation has been sent to
you so kindly check in your Mail inbox ([email protected]<script type="text/javascript"> /* */ </script>) and keep
me posted if you got the confirmation email from PayPal ok.


I had the Paypal site open, logged in to my account to wait for verification before actually sending anything. Then I get prodded by another message telling

Actually you mail the cam so please check your email for the confirmation
from PayPal an let me know if you got it yet ??


So, I check the other email account (my Paypal one) and find three messages from "Paypal". Hovering over the links, it's obvious these are spoofed, and scrolling down to the

shipping address...
Shipping address - confirmed
Name: David Peters
Address: No.33,Custom Street Marina,
City: Lagos Island
State: Lagos,
Zip-code: 23401
Country: Nigeria.
Shipping details
    Unit price     Qty    Amount
Canon EOS 60D bundle
    $890.00 USD    1

    $890.00 USD
Shipping and handling          $70.00USD
Subtotal         $960.00 USD

I replied that all I'd received so far were three badly spoofed "Paypal" emails, with an address in Lagos. Since sending that, I haven't heard a peep from 'em.

It also occurred to me, a little too late, that they could have been talked in to a COD shipment, of a large brick with a lens and "camera" written on it in marker.


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