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Ivor Biggun

I think, therefore I scam!

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Ivor Biggun    18
I got your mail and all you said is well understood, but that does not means that every transaction is fake or scam. The word SCAM has been in existence for ages , is an age long phenominom, but am telling you is real nothing but real, why there is SCAM nowadays is because even in creature, everything that has possitive has a negative part of it ok, Example an earoplane is meant to make our journey short, but this earoplane always crash and many lives destroyed, what of cars, etc , the white man who invented all these did not evented them to destroy human existence, but because every possitive has a negative effects. We use our telphone for easy communications but Armed Robbers used it to communicate their evil fellowers to rob a Bank or someone., but who knows the real one? , this is the question i thought you would have ask yourself or me. Meanwhile i did not blame you for your comments , what you are saying is BIG truth , the world is full of evils all over . Besides, am not asking you to help me defraud my Bank or any Bank but i found this as an oppurtunity which can once in everybodys life time. reason with me in this context and get back to me. Kabore
Every positive has a negative. The tools are available, so therefore someone has to use them to scam. It's not Kabore's fault, blame the people who invented the internet.

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