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Rev Moe Lester

How-to: Use a non-Gmail account with Gmail

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How to send and receive emails with Gmail, using another email account

You need a Gmail email account. Log into it then...


Settings -> Accounts -> Check email from other accounts (using POP3) -> Add a POP3 mail account you own 

Username: Your email account's username
Password: Your email account's password
POP server: Your email account's POP server address
Port: Your email POP server port
Tick "Leave copy of retrieved mail on the server" if you want, just in case you need webmail login at some point 
Add account 

Then to be able to send from that address via Gmail: 

Settings -> Accounts -> Send mail as -> Add another email address you own 

Choose 'send through ... mail servers' 
SMTP server: Your email account's SMTP server address
Port: Your email account's SMTP port
Username: Your email account's username
Password: Your email account's password 
Add account 

If the above SMTP bit doesn't work, go back to the 'add another email address you own' but select to use Gmail's SMTP server 

Your email account's username and password are usually the ones you use to log in.


You can find a list of common POP/SMTP servers and ports here http://www.arclab.com/en/amlc/list-of-smtp-and-pop3-servers-mailserver-list.html - choose the one for your email provider. If your provider isn't there, look up your email provider, plus "SMTP address"


For example "mail.com SMTP address" or "Yahoo mail SMTP address"


PM me if you need any help :)

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