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Rev Moe Lester

How-to: Email scammers

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How to bait scammers safely and how to avoid assisting them

  • Never use your real name
  • Create a new email address for baiting - use gmail.com or outlook.com because these hide your IP address - use fakename@gmail.com etc. instead of realname@gmail.com
  • Never send any real contact details - these include your private phone number and real address
  • Never send an actual passport scan, ID card scan etc. if the scammer asks for them - even if you make a bad fake one. Scammers reuse these and your fake ID might be used to trick a victim!
  • Never tell a scammer s/he's been baited
  • If a scammer's wrong about something, don't correct them - 'de-education' goes a step further and is where you actually convince a scammer that some incorrect information is correct. This stops a scammer from making their scams more convincing as they will continue to give obviously wrong details in their scams


How to make it look like you're replying to a scam you found somewhere else


If you are using a scam email from Scammed.by, for example, create a new email in your baiting account, add a couple of blank lines then paste:


On 20 January 2014 16:56, Name Surname <scammeremail@address.com> wrote:


Replace the values with the details of the scam email, you can make up stuff for the date and time if you're in a hurry

Then paste the original scam email under that. Finally, change the subject of the email to:


Re: OriginalSubject


Now it looks like you're replying to the original scam - you don't have to do this, but some scammers do get suspicious if you're not replying to their scam but sending a new email

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That's very weird, unless you registered with Google/Facebook/Windows Live? I have no idea how Invision Power Board does these things...


I might have fixed the message system, as for posting - you should be able to post in any thread and you should be able to start new threads almost anywhere. We use the shoutbox at the bottom of the homepage to chat (or private messaging).


Members here all tend to have busy jobs so don't be surprised if there are quiet days like today!


Scams - submit @t scammed.by is the address to send them to (replace " @t " with @, I just don't want spambots finding that address)

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Wow. New to this. Actually found somewhere to write something at last. Had tried to send reply to welcome of Rev Moe in forum but it just said he can't receive any more emails??


Received scam mail today. Where do I send it? Does the Full Header help? How do we chat to each other about what we are doing? Can't find any text boxes to write in except this one!!





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