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Rev Moe Lester

How-to: Blogs

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How to create a blog


Visit http://www.thescambaiter.com/forum/index.php?/blogs/

Click 'create a new blog'

Accept the terms (we didn't type those!)

Enter the blog's name and (if you want) the description (type will most likely be 'local')

Choose your settings

  • Uncheck 'allow guests to view your blog' to put it behind a login (to stop Google etc finding it, for example)
  • You might want to set 'default status of new entries' to 'public', otherwise anything you type and save will not appear until you publish it which might confuse!
  • Click the 'editors' tab if you want to allow any other members to post to your blog and edit and delete blog entries
  • You most likely won't need to touch the 'blog sharing' and 'advanced settings' tabs

Click save

Now, select the blog and you'll see buttons at the top

  • 'Add blocks' lets you add things to your blog's front page, like a photo, a tag cloud, a search box, or a list of categories in your blog
  • 'Add entry' is what you'll click to blog something

How to add blog posts


When you click 'add entry' you can choose the 'entry image' - this is the image that'll be displayed next to your blog post. 'Entry album' lets you choose what album you want to display with the blog post. You can choose a category on the right of the page, it will also let you make categories.


At the top of the blog post, the contents of the album will be displayed as icons. The entry image will be displayed at the top left of the blog post, larger than the album icons.

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Rev, how secure are the blogs, in as much are they searchable by google bots?

web security is now my #1 concern as we have discovered only now, how "discoverable" we are on the "net"

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