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Rev Moe Lester

How-to: Private album & Members-only album

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Private album - only you can see your uploads


If ever you want a gallery album where only you can view the contents, here's how you make it:


-Member Albums
---Create New Album
----Private Album


Members-only album (images and videos behind a login)


If you want an album that only logged-in users can see, just create it in this category:




-Private images
---Create New Album
----Public Album
If you make a 'public' album anywhere else guests will be able to see it too, but because the 'Private Images' category is only visible to members a public album in this category will only be visible to members.
"Public album" means anyone can see the photos and videos, set it to "private album" if you want only yourself and mods/admins to see the contents, or "friends only album" if you only want your forum friends to see it.

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