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Maryjane Bongresin

Keep the doggie begging for the bone

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Hi Scamtac friends Below just a snippet of a reply to an 'URGENT' Lad barrister named Isaac. I had previously told him that as a Christian woman it is against my religion to tell lies and pretend to be the next of kin for financial gain. --This is a standard reply when I DO bother to write them back--.. When I am a woman in the USA-(where I really do reside)--I tend to present myself as actress Jennifer Tilly. Her pics -- both soft and sexy--are all over the internet without any tell-tale websites on them. As well, she was born September 1958 but looks a lot younger. And has a sister MEG b.1960--which I use as 'Sister Susan in Hawaii' too. MY POINT HERE on this--and I have one--is that if you are looking for a new mugu pet, just tell the mugu boy that you are wealthy, bored shitless, single, and sexy, and really don't give a rat's patootie about them or their deal. And of course always include a really sexy pic with a hint of cleavage. As is my experience, once you send them the sexy pic you have them off-topic and wanting to marry you. Their original scam is quickly forgotten. Naturally they will want to come live with you in your big manor/mansion/estate and will request money for passport/visa fees..Or sick mother, sudden illness, blah blah etc....It's this way that I can often keep a lad on the hook for 6 months or more. And isn't that what baiting is all about??? cheerz--Maryjane [TABLE]

[TD] Isaac Attached is my photograph, and I am sure that you can see that I am not related to the dead guy with the money. In fact I have no living relatives except my sister Susan in Hawaii. You are speaking all this lawyer-legal talk about letters of admin, court probates, executors, and all that legal-type shit...I am a happy American woman here in California and my biggest problem every day is what to wear to the beach in Malibu. But I do note that HURRICANE ISAAC is currently hitting the East Coast USA, so that must mean something. I am quite happy and single and wealthy, I do not need to become tangled up in the legal problems and stuff of someone I never knew in Africa where I have never been. I wish you good luck on this, but I do not think I am the woman that you are looking for. Sincerely, MaryJane Bongresin --- On Tue, 8/28/12, isaac mawu wrote:

From: isaac mawu
Subject: CLARIFICATION. To: "Maryjane Bongresin"
Date: Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 4:15 AM I am neither in a hurry nor are you being coerced to participate in the transaction, your participation should be a matter of personal choice. You have my bond and word of honor that the transaction is legitimate, verifiable and at no point are you being used to launder ill- gotten wealth.
Your not being biologically related to the deceased will never hinder our success in the transaction. Our application will be based on Intestacy rule since the deceased died without a written will. A letter of administration is a formal document issued by a court of probate appointing a manager of the assets and liabilities of the estate of the deceased in certain situations. Courts are often asked to rule on the management of a deceased person's estate. Generally, this is a routine matter for probate courts, which are created specifically for this purpose. Individuals generally determine the distribution of their estate in a will, which usually specifies an executor to carry out its directions. But where the decedent has left no will or the executor named in a will is unable or unwilling to serve, the courts must appoint an administrator. This appointment is made by issuing a short document called letters of administration, which is a decree that serves asevidence of the administrator's authority. All i request is honesty of purpose and total commitment to the cause of success.
You have my guarantee once more that what ever information you supplied are in safe hands and will never be exposed to any transaction that will be of detriment to your hard earned reputation / image. It is my Bond.
Barrister Isaac Mawu Elolo. 0022890869784



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