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What Is Scam Baiting

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What is scam baiting. The below information was put together to provide a brief description of what scam baiting is. It kind of goes into safety which is another topic all together. This thread will be updated as time progresses. If you have any questions just ask the poster or any admin or mod on the forum. 

Scam baiting is a sport that does two things that are productive to the participant. The first thing it does is waste the time of the criminals who send these emails in hope of hooking a victim that will believe the scam and send in advanced fees. The second aspect of scam baiting involves creativity and being smarter then the scammer. This also provides many hours of fun for the scam baiter and entertainment to all who read the scam baits. First I would like to talk about what exactly is 419 scams? 419 is the area of the Nigerian law that relates to advanced fee fraud. Advanced fee fraud is the end result of many of these scams. You may be asking yourself do all scams originate from Nigeria? Answer is NO. Most scams unfortunately do come from West Africa. However email scams are being sent from all over the world. If you do a search of scam baiting you will find many websites that exist to fight this growing crime. I do not have all the data on hand but I can tell you that millions of dollars are lost to this crime annually. I use the word crime  cause that is the word that best describes what the scammers do. Make no mistake these scammers would cut your head off in a second if they had you close by. Scams come in many different forms. Yet the end result is the same to extract your hard earned money from your pocket. Lets talk about some of the major scams. (The next of kin scam) This scam involves you the mark getting a email from a wealthy coco merchant or oil tycoon whatever the hook may be. When I use the word hook I am speaking of the prize that will suck you into the scam. In this type scam you would be offered a share of the non existent millions of dollars. If the victim takes the hook they will be asked to contact a Barrister who in turn will mention how he has laid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to gather documents needed to claim the fund. At this point the Barrister will ask the vic to pay some advanced fees that will look minuscule in comparison to the millions at the end of the transaction waiting for the vic.  I like to call this virtual money. It only exist in the scammers and the victims head. The Barrister will continue to need more and more advanced fees to clear the fund. The vic after paying several thousands of dollars does not want to stop cause the scammer continues to mention the 38.6 million dollars that will be transfered to the vic if he makes this last advanced fee payment. The only person who gets rich in this and any scam is the scammer. This demand for more fees will continue until the vic is broke or realizes he has been scammed. I will not outline how each scam works cause they all work like the above in some way or form. (The lottery scam) This scam has the same function. You are contacted by a lottery you never entered and told of your millions of dollars in winnings. Much like the above the lottery people will continue to ask for advanced fees to release the millions of dollars the vic won in the lottery he never entered. (The romance scam) This is the most devious of them all as it not only takes your  money it also takes your heart. You get a email from a dating site or a random email from a girl that will likely end up being a model that the scammer snatched off the web. This photo is not the person you are communicating with. Chances are its a man at the other end of the key pad. The scammer will send a generic format copied and pasted and follow it through until the money request. This is when the scammer will ask for a few grand to come over to your Country to be with you. Being the second email from the scammer s/he has professed her undying love for you and if you fell for it you will continue to be asked for more money your love will encounter tragedy after tragedy. They usually start with the hotel they are in has a bill to settle and the owner is holding their pass port and will not let them leave until the bill is settled. That may be followed by a accident where the doctor needs money to pay for his fees. This will continue until the vic is broke or becomes aware he is being played. I will list a few more that are relevant as most standard 419 scams follow suit. (The mystery shopper, The re-shipper, or the company payment processor.) All the above are along the same scam plan. They involve a email or ad in a paper or website seeking employees. In todays economy many fall victim to this scam. The vic applies for this job and the scammer will either supply stolen credit card numbers to shop with as in the mystery shopper scam. The vic will then be asked to forward the  good to Nigeria or wherever the scammer is stationed. The reason I use Nigeria is companies will not ship to them as the corruption is very high. In some cases the scammer who places these ads will send a fake check to the vic or mule and ask that they deposit the check and withdraw the funds take their pay and send the balance via western union back to the scammer. In most cases the vic is held responsible for the funds and looses the money and may face legal actions as well. These scams are evil cause they target people that are trying to pay their bills and they end up in worse financial trouble. (The hitman scam) This scam plays on the chance a vic may have some past deed they do not want made public. This scam involves a scammer mass mailing targets a email that says you are dead. I have been hired by your enemies to kill you. Before I proceed I will offer to let you pay me more then the non existent person who contracted your life. They may offer to send you the tape with the evidence of your misdeed. They will ask you to send money via western union or money gram as these are untraceable and the preferred  method of scammers.  This scam much like all scams will continue to ask for money until you go broke or catch on to the scam. The last scam I will talk about is the recovery scam. (The recovery scam.) This scam works on the premise if you were stupid enough to send fees once why not try for a second time. The scammer will send a email that states he is working for the FBI or the Nigerian police or whatever format they use to notify the vic that their name appears on a list of scam victims that are to receive a refund of the monies lost in the original scam. If the vic falls for it they will be asked for advanced fees to secure the funds that are non existent.  If you follow the one constant in all these scams is advanced fees. I need to mention the ebay or auction scams. (The auction scam) This scam is where the scammer contacts a seller and offers to buy whatever the seller is selling. The scammer will use the word item cause he has no idea what the item is. In some cases he may know what the item is. The scammers main goal is to get the seller off the auction site so he can offer to send a fake check or a fake escrow email that payment was made. In the check situation the scammer will send a fake check for the item and the seller will receive the fake check. The check will be for a large amount over what the seller agrees to. The scammer asks the seller to deposit the fake check and withdraw the funds for the item and send the balance vai western union to the scammer. The vic will be informed by his bank that the check was fake and the vic will be liable for the funds. This scam plays on the honesty of folks who get a check for more then what was agreed to. The vic thinks he is doing the right thing by sending the extra funds back. Only to find out he was scammed and may face legal action. In the auction scam where the fake escrow company is used the vic is sent a conformation from the fake escrow company saying the funds were successfully transfered. The vic then sends the item only to find out that no such company exist and if it does exist it has zero knowledge of the transaction. The wash wash scam. (The black money scam) This scam works along the same lines as the rest of them. This one is designed to extract as much money from the vic as possible. The vic will be contacted via email and told of a trunk box full of money being held in a security company in Africa. The vic will be played along to send fees to release the box. After the vic pays many fees he is told he needs to fly to Africa to collect the box in person. He is also advised to bring several thousands of dollars to pay for bribes and other needed modalities to release the box. When the vic arrives he will be met by scammers who will bring him to the security company. He will then pay the security company fees to claim the box. When he gets the box the scammers will bring the vic to a room where more scammers are waiting. a scammer will open the box and it will be filled with black news paper cut to the size of US Currency. The scammer will then tell the vic this was done to protect the funds from theft. The scammer will take a bill from the box and wash it with this chemical that cleans the bill and the vic examines the bill and is satisfied its real. Now the scammers tell the vic that they need to clean all the bills but the vic has to pay for the chemicals. The vic now has invested several hundreds of thousands of dollars and wants to collect the funds. The vic pays the scammers again and they tell the vic it will take time to get the bills cleaned. The scammers keep needing more fees to buy the chemicals to clean the money. This will go on until the vic runs out of money or realizes hes been scammed. If the vic wants to leave they will hold him hostage and contact his family for more fees to release the vic. Many have been tortured and killed in this type of scam. I guess this about covers most of the scams as they pretty much all work along the same path. Now we will discuss safety. 

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