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Found 3 results

  1. Rev Moe Lester

    Scammed.by - changes

    Baiterbase - Live scammer email address feed - changes: - Code for list of email addresses mentioned within emails completely changed to ensure only valid, only scammer email addresses listed - As a result of the new code, the list takes a long time to load - please bear with it, the changes were definitely for the better as at least nine-tenths of the email addresses are now valid scammer email addresses - Work being done to shorten the code for the main scammer email address list, at the same time improving reliability of results so no non-scammer addresses and no fake addresses shown - I am examining the possibility of obtaining IP addresses from the emails received at Baiterbase, this will take some time to work out - Google Ads to be placed on Baiterbase - unfortunately running costs are exceptionally high and currently nothing is funding the website - On 31st December 2012 internet provider being switched so Baiterbase may experience some downtime - On the week of 1st January 2012 telephone provider being switched to same new company so Baiterbase may experience some downtime
  2. Rev Moe Lester

    Scammed.by - features and links

    Scammed.by tools and links Search scams By email address - http://scammed.by/indexfrom.php By reply-to address - http://scammed.by/indexreply.php By originating IP address - http://scammed.by/indexip.php By country - http://scammed.by/indexcountry.php By language - http://scammed.by/indexlang.php By word or phrase - http://scammed.by/indexsearch.php View a list of scammer email addresses Daily generated list - http://scammed.by/listemails.php From a custom time period - http://scammed.by/listemails2.php From a certain country - http://scammed.by/asemcountry.php Free RSS feeds Scam emails - http://direct.scammed.by/rss.php Daily generated email address list - http://direct.scammed.by/emailrss.php Tools Email header analyzer (find out where an email came from, and what everything in the header means) - http://scammed.by/analyze.php Scammer phone number list from the past week - http://scammed.by/indexnumber.php List of hacked mail servers (this page is mainly so the owners of those servers can find out they've been hacked) - http://scammed.by/geturl.php Scam tag cloud - http://scammed.by/tagcloud.php Scam map - http://scammed.by/map.php Submit a scam Submit a scam email - http://scammed.by/submitemail.php (password bbSubmit1!) Submit a dating site scam - http://scammed.by/mvc/cat/dating-site-scams
  3. Rev Moe Lester

    Scam feeds back up

    After some maintenance, both the Scammed.by scam email and daily email address ASEM feeds are back in operation