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Found 2 results

  1. A little information can be a dangerous thing! But knowing the psychology and cultural ethics your lad likely subscribes to can be beneficial. Here is an article I came across while surfing: http://www.dailytimes.com.ng/opinion/how-worship-nigerian-god It was written to point the finger of shame at his countrymen as the comment section shows. Sample quote:
  2. junglejym

    Been Away For A While

    A few years ago I really enjoyed reading some accounts on this site, and after moving and getting busier with work, drifted away. However, a recent event served as a reminder, thought I'd share it with you. Looking to upgrade to a full format digital camera, I put my trusty 60D and a kit lens on cl. Pretty quickly, I received an offer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Hello, I came across this post on Cragilist Classified and am interested let me know if you still got it. Regards.. Samantha Fields I replied that yes, I still had the camera. ----- Good to know it's still up for sale! well am getting it for my niece use so does it come with the original box & where are you located at ?? Told her that I was in central AL, and that I might be able to find the original box, and asked to ensure that the price was agreeable. --------- Ok, i hope it good condition, do you have a PayPal account so i can pay you asap ? Started to get my hopes up. Christmas is coming, loving aunt wants to buy something nice, and quickly. I gave her my Paypal email address. --------- Hello i have made the payment successfully including postage fee off and the receipt i got from PayPal stated an email confirmation has been sent to you so kindly check in your Mail inbox ([email protected]<script type="text/javascript"> /* */ </script>) and keep me posted if you got the confirmation email from PayPal ok. I had the Paypal site open, logged in to my account to wait for verification before actually sending anything. Then I get prodded by another message telling me: -------- Actually you mail the cam so please check your email for the confirmation from PayPal an let me know if you got it yet ?? So, I check the other email account (my Paypal one) and find three messages from "Paypal". Hovering over the links, it's obvious these are spoofed, and scrolling down to the shipping address... ---------- Shipping address - confirmed Name: David Peters Address: No.33,Custom Street Marina, City: Lagos Island State: Lagos, Zip-code: 23401 Country: Nigeria. Shipping details USPS EXPRESS MAIL Description Unit price Qty Amount Canon EOS 60D bundle $890.00 USD 1 $890.00 USD Shipping and handling $70.00USD Subtotal $960.00 USD I replied that all I'd received so far were three badly spoofed "Paypal" emails, with an address in Lagos. Since sending that, I haven't heard a peep from 'em. It also occurred to me, a little too late, that they could have been talked in to a COD shipment, of a large brick with a lens and "camera" written on it in marker. ---------------------------