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Found 3 results

  1. I've added a new theme if you want something much more modern-looking and smarter. Chat doesn't work in it (the shoutbox at the bottom of the homepage) and it needs a little bit of tweaking but if you want to give it a try then click 'change theme' at the bottom left of any page and select 'Dashboard'. It looks a lot nicer, and I think we'll keep it uncluttered
  2. liloleladywho

    hello from Maine

    Hi, I am Carol, and I live in New England. I am a retired teacher, and I live a quiet life, but I have been annoyed by the occasional phone call scammers telling me they are from Windows, ( I am a Mac user, lol) and the occasional attempts to scam me by email and text. So far in my life I have been very lucky, and I have had not been seriously scammed except one time. I have been scammed by a local contractor who did some work on my house a few years back, it was a nightmare and I am still upset about it. I spent most of my life around children, as a mother and as a teacher. Perhaps because of it, I had not really understood (actually I understood but could not really accept it) how some people can be absolutely without remorse or compassion. Perhaps people who have spent their lives working with children may tend to be overly trusting and supportive, perhaps even naive at times. But, I want to toughen up. I am also wondering how an entire sub- culture in Nigeria has developed to encourage people to scam people from other cultures. I wonder how the scammers can have any friendships or trust among themselves, because they would be unable to trust and respect each other, as well as the people they scam. I wonder if scamming is common or if a few very bad people have caused most of the problems in Nigeria. I am joining for a few reasons, buy my main one is to teach myself to be less trusting and more wary. My kids are grown and gone, and it is likely that scammers aim for trusting older people like me, who have no family around them to keep an affectionate eye on them. I want to avoid any scams that I am not aware of. I want to develop my BS detector. I want to become a tougher old lady, ( I am 57, so I am entering lil-old-lady-hood, although if you are much younger than I am you will likely believe I am already there.) I am not going to attempt to bait, but I will be your cheerleader I know myself well enough to realize that I would feel sorry for the younger scammers, the teens, and so I will not bait. I would try to understand why the act as they do instead of being angry. I do have a fierce ( In Maine, we use the expression "wicked") sense of humor. Please assist in making me a bit more edgy. Thanks. Carol