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    OK WTF is with the odd farting noises on this forum? Every now and again this site makes a fart noise.....IT'S NOT MY IMAGINATION!!!!!! I did think it might be, but I'm on new meds and the farts continue. So WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK is that all about?
  2. This is some funny shit

    I hadn't previously heard of Bombadier, but this baiter is a fricking chairman. This is one of the funniest baiting vids I have ever seen. Superb work. Check it:
  3. Hi again guys 'n' gals...

    ...just popping in to say "hi" and apologise for being away for so long. I hope to be around more in the future but real life just keeps getting in the way and making me her bitch, yer know? p.s. I'm also sorry for the "guys 'n' gals" thread title. Thinking about it, it's rather Jimmy Saville-ish. (If you're British and of my generation, you'll know what that's all about.)
  4. Question on turning my lad into a Lesbian

    Buster, absolutely no problem with sending him pics. After all, he needs examples of what you expect from him. I mean her. The only problem is that a lad is much less likely to solicit the aid of another (especially a chick) in order to please you. That said, I can think of plenty of baits where a lad has employed assistance from both male and female accomplices in order to satisfy the requirements of the 'mark'. Shit, just look at all of LordCo's Cock baits and you'll see huge amounts of lad-lad-laddess collaboration. The same goes for many of the other TSB members baits. However, it would be best, especially when you first start out, to try and keep it as simple as possible in my humble opinion.
  5. Grandma's reaction to 2 girls 1 cup

    http://www.break.com/index/grandma-watc ... 1-cup.html
  6. Nastyrash

  7. Hi guys This isn't exactly the usual sort of scam we deal with but it's kinda related in that it's an internet scam. And I'd like your help please. Let me explain: I don't watch TV. All the shows I watch, I do so on websites such as tubeplus. I prefer to watch entire seasons of things rather than wait a week between episodes, plus commercials annoy the living shit out of me. Talking of annoying the living shit out of me, one of the things you have to put up with on websites such as tubeplus are the annoying pop-ups. One of which is this twat who calls himself 'David' and goes on to tell you that he knows of a way to make "loads of money on the internet" without having to do diddly squat...well don't we all? His webpage (that you have to click one of those arse-suck “do you really want to leave this page” boxes) is Make Money 2013 : The solution for earning money on the internet! . He explain the way to “makes loads of money on the internet” is actually to play roulette online and basically keep doubling your bets on red/black until you win $500 per day. Now, I ain't no mathematician but I am aware that the green zeros make that impossible, so I assume his angle is the 'William Hill' software he expects you to download, i.e. it downloads something rather nastier. If any of you super-smart computery types can get some info on this scam, or even any further insight into it, I would be eternally grateful. Plus, a really big bonus would be to get some personal info on 'David”, cos I really, really, really want to hurt this person for annoying me so much. Thank ee! Ivor
  8. Re: David must die...or at least he needs his nads stamped on. Moe, so it's a pyramid scheme? You're sure of that and it's not a nasty that comes along with the 'William Hill' download. You actually have some knowledge of this scam?
  9. Every positive has a negative. The tools are available, so therefore someone has to use them to scam. It's not Kabore's fault, blame the people who invented the internet.
  10. Henry the eager young buck

  11. Henry the eager young buck

  12. Henry the eager young buck

  13. Henry the eager young buck

  14. Henry the eager young buck

  15. Henry the eager young buck

  16. Henry the eager young buck

  17. Henry the eager young buck

  18. Henry the eager young buck

  19. Henry the eager young buck

    Henry's Friend
  20. Wyoming lawmakers propose bill to nullify new federal gun laws

    Re: Wyoming lawmakers propose bill to nullify new federal gun laws Holy crap, check out the Bill Sponsor Senator Larry Hicks' Wiki entry: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1996[/ATTACH] I'm not surprised!
  21. Finally!

    Re: Finally!
  22. WTF?

    What the fuck? I thought I was banned from TSB. You bought the TSB domain, that's both very very cool and hilarious. WTG guys!
  23. WTF?

    Re: WTF? Yep, it's a hole and the women are all pigs. That's why I like to come to America so often and fuck your women...especially your women. My regards to your mother, btw.
  24. WTF?

    Re: WTF? Yo Butch! Good to see you here.