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  1. Scams can show up any time, anywhere on the net! I found a trove of 'witch doctor' posts while looking at Google maps!
  2. PayNearMe Demo

    Posting the link to a demo page that could be used as a base for photoshopping fake money transfer slips! Enjoy! http://credits.paynearme.com/en/simulator
  3. asia sg fastest loan solutions pvt

    Good grief! Unsolicited loan offers always have a catch even if they are not 100% a scam! Remember folks, 'Caveat Emptor!
  4. Hi To All! New At This Forum.

    Welcome! Read the very good advice here and then give it a try! Just remember to bait wisely and be safe!

    From the album Ima

    Photo apparently stolen from LinkedIn and used for U.N. I.D. card
  6. Now that I have told the lad that I have sent part of the money he's requesting, I am wondering what my options are when he says he didn't get it. Bad scans of receipts of course but is it possible to get him to believe the transfer was stolen/picked up by someone else? Any ideas?
  7. STRICTLY FOR OWNER ONLY UN Award Today at 5:51 AM Based on the random selection exercise of internet websites and millions of Super market cash invoices worldwide you were selected among the lucky recipients to receive the award sum of US$1,500,000.00 as charity Cash donations Please endeavour to quote your Qualification numbers (UN-U32, N-900-10)in all discussions. Executive Secretary, Mr.MACLEAN VANNAK Email:[email protected] Sincerely Yours Mrs.SONG SARAN Promotion Coordinator, (STRICTLY FOR OWNER ONLY) I ran the header thru an address check and it gave me this: IP Address Location Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh Latitude, Longitude 11.56245, 104.91601 (11°33'45"E 104°54'58"N) Connection through Viettel (Cambodia) Pte. Ltd. Local Time 07 Mar, 2015 11:07 PM (UTC +07:00) Net Speed DSL Area Code 023 IDD Code 855 ZIP Code - Weather Station Phnom Penh (CBXX0001) Mobile Country Code (MCC) 456 Mobile Network Code (MNC) 01/08/18 Carrier Name Cellcard Elevation 19m Usage Type (MOB) Mobile ISP
  8. Hello Hello, Did you miss me? :)

    Welcome! Some say that 'laughter is the best revenge'! We certainly get a lot of laughs at the weird stuff the 'lads' will do when they think there will be a pay off!
  9. Hello Hello, Did you miss me? :)

    I have a request, as well as no racism, could we please be a little less sexist too? I realize I am a minority of one but I am a woman and I don't like gay bashing for the sake of gay bashing or mysoginy. As a bait charactor, feel free to be outrageous as you please, but as an actual poster on topics I have to tell you I feel unwelcome and insulted when words like 'cunt' are thrown around so casually. Again, what you do in your baits that doesn't cross the ethics described by Rev Moe is fine, I might use similar tactics. I object to the attitude that women and gays are automatically targets for insult in other posts just as we all understand that racism isn't okay. Off my soapbox now.
  10. "Adriana" Strikes Again

    I got the exact same message in my spam for my yahoo account over and over all last year until I blocked the keywords. This is not 'some stupid chick' who needs to get a life, this is obviously a massive spam mailing, disguised to look like a personal message, from an on-line sex-chat company. It's for guys who are horny and bored and have money to waste on virtual sex. It probably harvests email addresses when you browse certain sites. Configure your email spam blocker to reject the message or just delete it, it's not worth getting your undies in a knot over! Unless you like that sort of thing!
  11. Western Union Receipt Generator

    Oh, these are going to be fun to play with!
  12. Hi There

    Looking forward to reading it when you post!
  13. This came to my RL Yahoo spam box (which was quite amusing since my Yahoo account is not linked to any of my Gmail baiter accounts!) email tracer report in brief:
  14. Unemployment Benefits Scam - Wtva

    Taking advantage of the unemployed really make me mad!
  15. Hello Antitechscammers!

    LOL! The last time they called me I didn't have a lot of time to waste on them so I told them I had no problems because I used an ANUS laptop and said he should try using an ANUS!
  16. Cats Rules!

    I love this website! http://thepussycatriot.org/ Internet cat content is a symbol of our freedoms.
  17. A little information can be a dangerous thing! But knowing the psychology and cultural ethics your lad likely subscribes to can be beneficial. Here is an article I came across while surfing: http://www.dailytimes.com.ng/opinion/how-worship-nigerian-god It was written to point the finger of shame at his countrymen as the comment section shows. Sample quote:
  18. How-to: Getting scam emails to bait

    I have started several good baits using the info provided by the excellant search engine Rev Moe provided for this site. Just pick one that is so absurd you know you're in for a good time! I also seem to be getting more totally ridiculous offers in my RL spam. Not to mention that sometimes your lad will come back for more!
  19. Yahoo! You've Got Money!

    My RL email has been getting more spam lately. Here's a fun one! Originating-IP: [] Italy? It also traveled thru New York City!
  20. Scam mail From Adriana with phone nr

    Lol, I put 'her' on my spam blocker long ago when my RL email was being bombarded by invitations.
  21. Part-time job scam

    Found this in my daily spam: IP Blacklist report for the originating IP Address: IP Address: [ IP Lookup ] Hostname: smtp3.pipni.cz IP Location: - Czech Republic (CZ) ISP: VSHosting s.r.o. Organization: PIPNI IP range for free VPS IP Blacklist Check: Status: Suspicious Threat Level Score: 12 (on the scale from 0 - 255) Last Known Activity: 30 days ago
  22. Part-time job scam

    Well, for starters, other sites have identified it as a suspicious IP. Additionally, they want you to handle packages (what's in them? Could be a money laundering scam, could be stolen property or drugs, who knows?) Also the email address used is a tipoff as is the poor grammer and spelling. 'Up to 1500 USD' for a part-time, work from home job? I don't think so! Doesn't pass the smell test for me!