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  5. ImaNome

    asia sg fastest loan solutions pvt

    Good grief! Unsolicited loan offers always have a catch even if they are not 100% a scam! Remember folks, 'Caveat Emptor!
  6. ImaNome

    Hi To All! New At This Forum.

    Welcome! Read the very good advice here and then give it a try! Just remember to bait wisely and be safe!
  7. I got this one in my real email spam box! What fun!
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  9. ImaNome

    Hello Hello, Did you miss me? :)

    Welcome! Some say that 'laughter is the best revenge'! We certainly get a lot of laughs at the weird stuff the 'lads' will do when they think there will be a pay off!
  10. ImaNome

    Hello Hello, Did you miss me? :)

    I have a request, as well as no racism, could we please be a little less sexist too? I realize I am a minority of one but I am a woman and I don't like gay bashing for the sake of gay bashing or mysoginy. As a bait charactor, feel free to be outrageous as you please, but as an actual poster on topics I have to tell you I feel unwelcome and insulted when words like 'cunt' are thrown around so casually. Again, what you do in your baits that doesn't cross the ethics described by Rev Moe is fine, I might use similar tactics. I object to the attitude that women and gays are automatically targets for insult in other posts just as we all understand that racism isn't okay. Off my soapbox now.