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  1. What if the scammer is using someone else's account. I just received the account details of someone other than the scammer. What do I do?
  2. hl

    Re: hl Yes I am suggesting baiting her brother to get him away from real scammers because he will not give it up willingly since the scammers know how to make him feel very good, something which family members seldom do for children with mental disorders. I have seen the same thing with my daughters. No matter how hard we as her family tried to please her we could never replace the attention that she received from others. Family members tend to behave in a doctor/patient relationship rather than a friend to friend relationship where unconditional love and attention can be offered. There does not have to be a bait, just undecided attention and love.
  3. hl

    Re: hl The mind of a person with Asperger syndrome is singularly focused. It is like a moth driven to fly into a flame except the moth does not understand that the flame will kill it. I have a daughter with this syndrome and I fully understand the focused mind. It is very difficult but it can be done with great patience and attention to detail. The only way is to refocus the person's mind by setting up some fake scammers to talk to otherwise the scammers have won. Their will also be more scammers to follow in the footsteps of the one before.
  4. New worst scam email

    Re: New worst scam email When English is that bad you take your brain out and just read a few words here and there and then laugh yourself silly because the opposite emotion is to become depressed and then you end up in a psych ward. I deal with students on a daily basis and what I have to read makes me laugh so hard sometimes. At least the scammer is trying or am I just being too nice!!!
  5. The one email scam

    Re: The one email scam What is the graft? I have never heard about it.
  6. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant How can you track Western Union receipts? It is a private company. This makes me very curious.
  7. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant What type of scam is the scammer engaged in?
  8. The one email scam

    Re: The one email scam What is more frightful is the fact that most people have very weak passwords for their online bank accounts as well as for other online accounts. I ran across an article written by the CEO of a major security firm in the US. He went through a series of steps to describe how easy it is for anyone to get into someone's bank account. Written checks are not really needed anymore. The internet is a wonderful technology but it is just another tool by which we can be hurt severely from a financial perspective. We have to constantly change one's passwords. I also wonder how well-skilled scammers are with computing technology. I suppose they vary from scammer to scammer.
  9. The one email scam

    Re: The one email scam I think my scammer must be in between. There were many signs but I did not question them strong enough. I wonder how my scammer decided to go to Malaysia to scam me from there.
  10. The one email scam

    Re: The one email scam Doc said that scammers are clueless about western nomenclature or even just how things work. I stopped sending money when the scammer said that it is safer to transfer money to Denver rather than Newark New Jersey. I became very suspicious and could not understand why an "American" would make such a statement. Hindsight is so much better than foresight!
  11. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant This sounds like a fascinating position for the psychologically tough-minded person. I once thought about becoming a criminal psychologist but was too afraid I might become like the criminals once I get a glimpse of their minds. I know that every psychologist must guard against being sucked in or be changed negatively by the criminal. Wow, what a position!
  12. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam Jean I agree with you now but at the time during the scam I was not able to see that it is a scam and that I was trapped like a rat in a cage! The other problem is that I lacked the technological skills to figure out that I was being scammed. My technological skills have greatly improved since last month when I made the discovery that I was being scammed myself. I knew about Nigerian scamming activities, but not Malaysian or Nigerians travelling to Malaysia to scam from there. Now that I can clearly think about it I understand the desire to go another country to deflect attention on Nigeria as a country and the fact that it has become synonous with scamming. I feel very sorry for the honest and upright Nigerians (and I am sure there are many that don't like what their countrymen are doing) because they are being stigmatized by their bad citizens. I was completely caught by surprise and ignorance. I spent my quiet moments blaming myself for my own stupidity and I am still doing it. It has only been 5 weeks since I discovered the deception and believe me it still hurts. My relationship with my long-term friend (30 years) had just broken up when I entered the dating site. It was my first time on a dating site. I did not in my wildest dreams believe that people could be so cruel and cunning. I was brought up to always see the best in people and boy did that belief bite me in the butt!!! However, I was reading the comments of a few Nigerians on one of their forums today in which they plead with the rest of the world not to believe that the entire country and all its citizens are corrupt and evil!! What a shame that a few people can do so much damage to an entire nation!! Now I am committed to what all of you are doing here because I just don't see any other way to put a dent into all the scamming that is going on in the world. It is also not gender specific. It hits all of us regardless of our background. What a mess!!
  13. New worst scam email

    Re: New worst scam email What amazes me is the time it may have taken to put together such a letter even though it is still full of errors!! I wonder if such thought patterns come easy or take a long time before some clarity appears. The criminal mind has fascinated psychologists for decades!
  14. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam Chester, thank you for your encouragement. The road to recovery is long and hard. It is very easy for others to say that a victim must just walk away from it. A friend of mine is constantly telling me that I must just stop all contact and walk away but I find that it does not bring me closure. My reality says that it takes a long time. I have thought about writing a book but I would really like to know my scammer's real name first. I am aware that I might never know who he really is but he has made contact again by calling me recently and don't worry I was in control this time even though it was difficult. I kept thinking that if I can keep him going as long as I can he might spend less time on the other people he is trying to scam. There is one thing that is frequently forgotten in the romance scam or even just the friendship scam. Scammers work hard on providing as much unconditional love as possible and all of us would give anything just to receive some unconditional love. I am not saying they are experts, just that they work at it even though it is in a team. Maybe our marriages and real relationships will last longer if we learned to practice this rare skill. That is why it is hard for a victim scammed in a romance or friendship scam to just walk away. We want that unconditional love!! However, it comes with the condition of sending money eventually. I am aware of that. I am doing better. Thanks to some of you on this website. Your encouragement is deeply appreciated!
  15. The one email scam

    Re: The one email scam It is very similar in South Africa where I grew up. In fact, the men eat together while the women serve them. The women eat in the kitchen. When you ask them to join the men you are told it is inappropriate. Some cultures have some strange practices.
  16. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam I have been in constant communication with Rev Moe Lester. Everything is under control.
  17. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam My scammer just made contact with me from a new email address!!!! He also emailed me to my work email address which I gave him at the very beginning when we met. He claims that he could not remember the old email addresses. He also found my work telephone number that I gave him in the beginning but requested that I give him the cell phone number we used to use. He could only remember the first digit of the number. I am very nervous to respond to him but will give him a shot.
  18. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam Thank you for such kind and encouraging words Finkland. You are right in that I have been on fire from this experience. I have never experienced such intense emotions before. I have already taken steps to move on. Just being on here and receiving all the encouragement and understanding from all of you have helped me immensely. Thank you so very much! I will get better because that will make me the winner and my scammer the loser!
  19. hi new to this but it looks fun

    Re: hi new to this but it looks fun Welcome ImaNome! I am also knew and mad as hell! I have been horribly scammed and decided that I will join this group because we need to keep these people away from the unsuspecting people in the world out there. It shocked me when I read accounts of romance scam victims taking their own lives because of the devastating effects the scammer had on them. In my eyes it is the cruelest thing you could do to someone! Once again, welcome!
  20. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam Michael, my experience with my scammer is very different from anything I have read and from what you are describing. It does not fit into the normal parameters of the romance scam. He never asked for money. I was the one suggesting that I helped a little even though he had money to overcome his problem. It was not until much later when something happened that he asked for money. After we got past that event I started to get suspicious. Also, it was truly a hacker that hacked into yahoo email accounts because yahoo released a statement that their email server was hacked into after his account was hacked into. The hacker accused my scammer of terrible things. That is why I decided at that time to terminate the connection as painful as it was. When his friends contacted me I was the one who set up his gmail account and I remained in full control of the account and I still have full control of it. We emailed each other from this account until last month when I accused him of deception and has not heard from him since then. It is still classified as a romance scam but it is of a type not seen before. I wish I would not feel so angry, depressed and full of revenge otherwise I would disclose the entire experience to all of you. I sleep about three hours at night. Maybe in time I can share the painful experiences.
  21. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam I removed the details by request.
  22. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam Let's see if he will respond to you because he does not access his social media website as often as he used to. He sometime takes two weeks to access it. This behavior started in August of last year. I am not sure what is the cause for this change in his behavior.
  23. Re: New victim of an elaborate Malaysia/Nigeria scam I removed the details by request.