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  1. The Cole Bait Thread

    Hello again. Here is every file I have on the matter; https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pon1ituqi1zopp6/Hza20rWcEh?v=0mwng I also made index files (this is the order in which I originally got the files) so that you can follow things from start to end. Cole 2.0 index; http://i.imgur.com/IEB4JhN.png Mark Anthony index; http://i.imgur.com/jIdwE7h.png Ladpots Mike index; http://i.imgur.com/zzLMtS1.png I sincerely hope these works will resurface on the net one day. I had somewhat of a yearly tradition to spend a couple of days reading these stories laughing the entire time.
  2. The Cole Bait Thread

    My all time favorite picture is when Cole 2.0 holds that note up while having a bucket on his head. If I remember correctly there's a hilarious response to it from the other party. You used to be able to access the old site on the internet wayback machine; http://archive.org/web/web.php although it's a little buggy. Additionally I have 95% of the audio files from the Cole 2.0 thread saved and I can upload it here if you guys want (and tF doesnt protest). I also have a bunch of audiofiles from the Mark Anthony/Ladpots Mike threads.
  3. I Guess

    Re: I Guess Hi tF. It's nice to see you back here. I've enjoyed your work for years. I was gonna ask you if you ever considered throwing up your old site on a free webhost just in a read-only form. It would be a big shame if all those threads were lost, especially Paul vs Anus and Cole 2.0 which has been the best form of entertainment I've ever encountered. You could probably host all the audio files and such (the old media server) on a cheap VPS somewhere if the amount of data is not acceptable for a webhost. I would be one of probably many willing to sponsor such a thing if you feel like you don't want to drop any cash into it. Perhaps the admins here could offer a subdomain for the cause "legacy.thescambaiter.com" or whatever. They don't need access to anything they could just redirect that subdomain or display it all through an iframe. Hope you take it into consideration.. A lot of people from all around the world enjoying it immensely.