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    Carnival cruise got me today

    Re: Carnival cruise got me today Hello and welcome First of, don't feel stupid about what happened; I have clients who are pretty smart people loose a lot to this sort of thing! They are sophisticated as the others say. Damage control is simple, first identify any data you may have sent them (in this case your passport) and have it changed if at all possible which I know isn't always easy for a passport. If you ever sent a credit card number or any other bank details get in touch with your bank and have it stopped immediately. Also scammers tend to take passports not just for ID theft but also to use on other victims, I have a service that is coming online soon that will alert you if we find your ID being used so PM me if you're interested in being part of the Beta group! Finally if you can provide copies of the email including headers and any emails addresses I'll make sure the company being impersonated (if there is one) is warned and we'll all be sure to mess them around a bit :-D Other than that Your first steps should be to create a new email account with Gmail then find a scam that looks interesting to bait. Enjoy your baiting and do ask us if you have any questions.
  2. Cpt_Jack

    Not come across this one before

    Re: Not come across this one before Interesting, a cross between a lottery and charity scam :-) This email seems pretty standard despite the fact that it is a little unique, the bad formatting etc is all there. Someone however clearly put some time or paid money for this one! Just send a one line 'wow, I'm interested, tell me more' reply (I find lads very rarely read the first email). However if you get no reply and really want to bait this one then just send the info they asked for, just remember to use false data; the primary purpose of this data is often purely so the lad can see how gullible you are given that most people would never send data to a stranger. If you're having trouble then I recommend; Name: whatever your email addy suggests Address: find a police station/council offices/some other government building, copy the address and put yourself on the same street Age: whatever suites; are you playing a young naive babysitter or a rich old retired man? Sex: I like to put 'other' for this one ;-) Occupation: Bovine Fecal Matter Engineer is another of my faves for this one Tel: OK, two routes here if you don't want to speak to the lads; the first is to claim you cannot use a phone and lads will keep asking but eventually give up. The second is to use something like K7 which gives you a free voicemail and fax number which you can claim to be your office line, check here http://voicemail.k7.net/signup/ . Phone numbers are a bit tricky with more and more lads insisting on them now but you are the boss here, drop the lad if he keeps insisting and you don't want to. If you *do* want to then find a friendly baiter to lend a hand on your first few runs :-) Email: feel free to put a completely different email address here, or a minor misspelling of the one you use, and see if the lad notices Nationality: lads tend to think that people from the US are rich suckers, a more 'exotic' nationality can also be fun Ultimately how you fill this in isn't always to important; again it is normally just the lad's tried and tested way of seeing if you are gullible enough to proceed and, if you're lucky, you might get a trophy later on of all this data on some badly formatted certificate form ;-)
  3. Re: What type of scam is pointless to respond to? Never any harm sending a 'Hi, got your email, tell me more' type template to any email you get, in fact some baiters have that set as their autoresponse and pick out the fun ones. Lads tend not to read the first emails to hard in my experience but I have six generic responses lined up that you can tweak to your liking; 'Great, this sounds interesting, you've made quite a find! Tell me all about it' 'Is this a scam? My parents told me not to reply to strange emails' 'Is this real? I kinda see what you're getting at but perhaps you can give me some more details' 'Thanks for your email; have you got any ID you can show me so I know to trust you?' (this is a great auto reply if you just want to collect fake ID's; I've got a catcher address that just spams this to all emails so I can filter off any that come back with attachments) 'My friend sent me this, can you tell me more?' (generally for when I reply to a mail that comes to my work/real life address from one of my baiting one) 'Bananas bananas bananas!' (yearp, that one get's replies) Just remember that ultimately a bait goes where you take it; I've had hit lads sell me gold and gold lads try and get me to claim some inheritance, you're the boss in these things ;-) And there is no telling what mails a lad will reply to, 'tis one of the mysteries of life!
  4. Cpt_Jack

    Hello All

    Re: Hello All Selamat pagi dan Selamat Datang TSB! But ya, will continue in English so the others know what I'm saying lah ;-) It's good to see more people willing to do something about scamming especially when they come from SE Asia as both Malaysia and Indonesia are 'capitals' of scam type crimes; I've been out here for some time fighting them! Let us know if you need a hand with your baits and if you want to bait in bahasa then drop me a line, I have a few bahasa speaking scammers you can help with :-)
  5. Cpt_Jack

    Black money scammers arrested

    Re: Black money scammers arrested I think I know those two, good riddance and Thai jail is too good for them ;-) They are the tip of the iceberg however, lot of black money scams seem to have shifted to Thailand over the past year or so... one wonders if these are just two sacrificial goats who didn't pay their coffee money. It's also highly likely they only go involved because of the Australian victim, much more work to be done I'm afraid!
  6. Cpt_Jack


    Re: hl Jeanie, I get what you're saying but there must be someone who can help. I doubt your brother's activity is sectionable but perhaps look into that, as extreme as it is, but surely there is a quack out there somewhere? As for convincing him that these people are not the real deal... well what sort of evidence do you think he would take? Would it help, for example, to get these people to admit straight out that they are scammers or would he just shrug off such a thing as lies? I'd be quite happy to assist in identifying and possibly neutralizing these scammers, you must however understand that any chance of recovering funds is pretty much zilch; it'll have been well laundered by now. However I can only assist if it will assist your brother... if he then just jumps on the next lad to come his way we will have both wasted our time! Do you have any thoughts as to how we can proceed on this?
  7. Cpt_Jack


    Re: hl Quite happy to use my company's email (we deal with fraud amongst other things) to do that; PM me if interested.
  8. Cpt_Jack


    Re: hl Hello Your number one thing here is, as others have said, to get your brother to cut contact with these people. How you handle that is something you will know how to do best, you know him well, but if you think he'd benifit from having a chat with a professional then I'd be happy to contact or you could just drag him up to the police station and let them tell him! Ultimately though someone needs to step in, I know how hard autism of any sort is to deal with and can only wish you luck. As for getting local Law Enforcement involved you're going to have to do some research first or hope you get lucky. Any PC is unlikely to be able to help much, they have a huge caseload of everything from domestic disputes to GBH so you need to find someone from the Fraud Squad. However your local nick is unlikely to have a fraud squad unless it is the biggest station in the area so do some digging and see where they are based. Then just march in there and try not to leave until you've seen the Squad's Inspector or at the least his Detective Sergeant to get things moving. Even better would be to try and phone up to arrange a meeting of some sort but it might not be possible if they are busy, try your luck anyway. Chances are they may fob you off with a 'well just tell your brother to stop contacting them' but as others have said stating you can get them in the open so they can get an easy collar might get a bit of interest (not sure if they still run Administrative Detection type quotas in the UK still). Ensure you bring along all the paperwork and crap so they can see money has been going to these people as well and don't be dissuaded if they leave you in some waiting room somewhere for hours before you can meet them. Any assistance I can give again just PM me.
  9. Recently I've been having a laugh and signing lads up to David Icke's newsletter during my baits. David Icke, in case you don't know him, is the conspiracy theorist to end conspiracy theorists and recently came up with a theory as to how the moon is a holographic inter-dimensional, inter-density portal control by aliens to mind control the human race. Given that I once convinced a lad I lived on the moon I am hopping that getting my lads into this sort of thing they will at the very least waste a few hours and hopefully send me some very funny emails. Anyone else got some fun things to do to your lad's email addy?
  10. Cpt_Jack

    The one email scam

    Re: The one email scam MrDoc's got it pretty well; there is a large and active market for all sorts of data and I can buy a whole identity at a price you wouldn't believe. Chances are that as Doc says these lads collect such data as a way to cover costs. Many will probably trade them with Eastern European based criminals in return for access to bottnets they can use to mass send emails for example. Criminals tend to specialize heavily and like any good businessman follow the basic economic principle of division of labour! As for draining the account with the data given, yeah in theory you can do it but it's rather complex for lads to do and get's harder every day. But I've seen it done so yes, always give fakey data :-)
  11. Cpt_Jack

    What are the risks ?

    Re: What are the risks ? Very wise. I'll second what everyone else says and add this; lads range from the part timer making extra cash at his local cyber through to scarily organized gangs of Chinese professional criminals. You do not want to piss anything near the upper end of the spectrum off if they have anything they can identify you with.
  12. Cpt_Jack

    New worst scam email

    Re: New worst scam email Wow. Just wow. That is quite special. Lost for words...
  13. Cpt_Jack

    Need help with catcher account

    Re: Need help with catcher account You can of course take them of Baiterbase :-D But yea, like Doc says be careful as it is highly likely you'll get the same lad every time, or the same gang at least. One thing I do is use one of my catchers and spread it around a bit, forums, comments sections on newspapers, facebook etc etc so my net goes very wide and catches some very interesting lads. It's all pot luck really!
  14. Cpt_Jack

    Saying hello again

    Re: Saying hello again Evening Doctor If you've got any fun Asian based lads, particularly Malaysia, send them my way and I'll take care of them as best I can LE wise. I've been dealing with Asian based lads for a long time now, starting to perhaps making a semi-full time job thing once I get the time to put the site I had back together... every time I start some really fun lad comes and drains all my time ;-) PM me if you want my email addy etc (or you can as Moe or the other admins) to send me stuff, otherwise I'm happy to keep it on the forum. And send bank accounts to Alan, he's top notch!
  15. Cpt_Jack

    I don't care what you say about Jerry Sandusky

    Re: I don't care what you say about Jerry Sandusky We should sticky this comment and make all newbies read it before they are allowed to post... cover's everyone's arse then.