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  1. has anyone heard of afrointroductions an online dating site?....ive noticed my brother signed up to them and im wondering if this s whete he met his scammer
  2. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant exactly right biggest crooks on the planet
  3. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant i asked for the in information as my brother.that's how i got it ..western union say tbey are not responsible for any fraud and that i should contact his bank...he got e fifty thousand from working nd from saviings...we think may have away double that amount but it remains untraceable
  4. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant the only proof i have is that my brother sent someone fifty grand..that wont mean anything ...the only way to get the scamers is to play them at their own game
  5. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant Nigeria is a lawless country...no hope of any police intervention..and y brother in his deluded mind still believes in the scammers
  6. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant i sent a letter and paid fifteen pounds in my brothers name and they sent me a transaction history going back five years
  7. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant [email protected]
  8. hl

    Re: hl he has got bugger all from them! and its actually been ongoing for ten years..but ive only managed to track back the money for 5 years from western union..the latest from the scammer is he wants £15,000 for demurage fees to clear a package containing one million pounds
  9. hl

    Re: hl i recently requested a transactionhistory from western union...over a five year period...£50,220.....fifty thousand!!!!..so you could probably double that
  10. hl

    Re: hl well,ive tracked down £22000 in western reciepts for a period of five years ...but this has been ongoing for ten....there have also been multiple players in this so i was unable to get all the info i needed...i would reckon at least £60000 ,based on money i know my brother has had,and now no longer has which will havew gone to the scammers
  11. hl

    Re: hl that wouldnt work..the scammers have no fear of law enforcement....the only way is to pretend to be my brother agree to whatever they ask for and set them up to get arrested picking up western union money...or send them on a wild goose chase like leaving them in bangkok
  12. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant i managed to track own western union reciepts going back to 2007...but it has been ongoing for longer..i just cant trace it back farther...western union is the scammers best friend
  13. situation vacant

    Re: situation vacant its a fake inheritence a nigerian woman woman claims she has been left land to sell and she needs someone to help transfer it etc....its actually been going on for ten years..can you believe it!!...
  14. hl

    Re: hl my brother has more loyalty to the scmmers than to his family...im sick to death of him!.....
  15. hl

    Re: hl a million pounds is in the package!!..half for my brother and half for the scammer!..lol!! you couldnt make i up!!.but my brother has been on the hook to this scammer for ten years!!!..ive actually had the police at the door twice to speak to him but you would be as well talking to a brick wall...im more interested in nailing the scammers..i cant do anything about my brothers mental health only a doctor can help him...i need to stop the scammers