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  1. Hi again guys 'n' gals...

    I agree with this post.
  2. Test post

    Testing post comment.
  3. JohnnyBgood here

    Welcome to TSB Johnny nice to see you here.
  4. Posting test

    Posting once again.
  5. Posting test

    Quick reply.
  6. Posting test

    Bot display test.
  7. Posting test

    Bot test.
  8. New to Scambaiter

    to TSB.
  9. Smilie test

  10. Smilie test

  11. Smilie test

    [h=4] [/h] [h=4]:dancing: [/h] [h=4] [/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4]:flex:[/h] [h=4]:gay:[/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4]:lol!:[/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4]:pimp:[/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4]:rolls:[/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4][/h] [h=4] [/h] [h=4][/h]
  12. Smilie test

  13. Hello All!

    Re: Hello All! Only scambaiters can look at guys with bibles hanging from their dicks and have a valid excuse as to why it's on the screen. Welcome to TSB, DK.
  14. Top 10 Unfortunate Product Names

    Re: Top 10 Unfortunate Product Names Tez, for some reason this post was moderated, most likely because you posted 3 links in a row. Moe wasn't doing his job, so I approved it. BTW, I've eaten at the 'lick-a-chick' restaurant hundreds of times, it's one of my favorites.
  15. Three question scam test

    Re: Three question scam test This is pretty sound advice.