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    Gold Diggers

    Hello fellow scam baiters, i get about up to a dozen scammers a week that i would consider to be a waste of time because they are quick fire and fall in love within the hour and in the second hour ask for small amounts of money so i block them and move on. They usually troll free dating sites and use big breasted reasonably well known models off the internet and can be quickly reverse imaged. Just about all of these gold diggers are African and not very good when you compare them to the experienced Nigerian scammers. About six weeks ago i recieved a letter from a woman on a dating site that was only average looking but to me was quite attractive and can honestly say this was the best scammer i have come across in the 8 years i have been baiting and wasnt an unpleasant experience until the very end. The woman in question was 32 a fashion designer from New York but in reality was Nigerian mafia and probably a male. We started writing emails and then progressed to chat on facebook so the scammer knew my history and could see i was not poor and had setup a facebook page especially in my honour. This scammer never asked for money at first but would never talk to me on the phone and suspect it was because of either the African accent which white Africans also have or because they didnt have a woman available and was only men. The scammer was a bit distant at first and didnt instantly start to love me but over the coming days slowly but surely tried to lure me in with romantic talk but not sexual .and told me of her plans with contracts in Africa and England that she was waiting to hear from and was the key to scam money out of me. This scammer thought of every detail even down to having to pee or eating dinner and for some reason which i am still not sure of and maybe was just to gain my confidence said she had to go on a training course for two weeks in another state and if i didnt want her to go wouldnt. But i told her would be good for her career and should go. After a few days at the out of state course was when she put her major scam into action telling me she had won a contract worth $2 million and of all places Nigeria and needed money to fly there from USA because was short notice and then would fly out to be with me after the five weeks the contract would last and live happily ever after, all the time scamming me for more and more money. Initially she wanted $3000 USD which i agreed too and gave a fake Western union MTCH number to waste there time and the following day after i had sent the fake MTCH number we chatted was when the abuse started and the fashion designer had instantly changed into a nasty Nigerian scammer that didnt give a a crap about anything but money and ultimately is there downfall GREED. That scam lasted 3 weeks and from day one i knew but i prefer the longer scams and love to make them work with the ultimate goal of just pissing them off and them admitting to me i wasted their time and money.. The longest scammer was 18 months and was also Nigerian but was my first and cost me $20000 and is why i became a scam baiter. Sorry wontallow me to post any photos and have plenty.