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  1. 10 minute video posted by a Thai cop who goes after Nigerian scammers in Thailand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOEPJ8Q1tRQ Evidence of banks directly being involved with organised crime, is not a conspiracy, it's proof of a crime. Some of you may well be familiar with Nigerian and Liberian scam gangs, but did you know that there are Aussies working on behalf of international banks in order to funnel that money and turn it into legal tender? For a price of course... In the linked video one Aussie confesses to funneling the proceeds of crime into a middle eastern bank, on behalf of Liberian criminal organisations, in a manner very similar his Nugan Hand Bank fiasco (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nugan_Ha...). Did I mention that this guy WAS a staff member of the Nugan Hand Bank. Old dogs don't learn new tricks apparently.A massive Nigerian scam raking in billions only there are NO NIGERIANS in the gang the gang is run by Liberians and the leader is a White Australian who started life as a rugby hero before entering the world of "kidney transplants" around Africa whilst joining the CIA to open a drug laundering bank (Nugan Hand Bank) to fund a secret war against Laos (thanks Australia). John Denis Pittard then joined up with connexairus.com and worked on smuggling Charles Taylors fortunes and blood diamonds before setting up his own version of the Nigerian scam using ex-Child soldiers which he trafficked to Asia for wild orgies. Some idiots work for the CIA whilst other idiots fantasize that they are CIA agents out to raise money illegally to fund political agenda wars. In this video you will hear Denis talk about how he had to clear up a mess made by Robert Connolly the star of Australia's Channel 9 sixty minutes show named SCAMMED, you will hear him admit to recieving 20% of all 419 scams done by his team which consists of a few hundred scammers but claims that he is simply offering international fund transfer services, logistics, visas and props to the scammers but not actually scamming the victims personally. As this Australian scammer does his thing the Aussie populous is scammed yet again by www.ebolamonkeyman.com as this racist Aussie website that wastes the time of scam victims leading them away from the real truth of how the Aussie fantasized version of the CIA has funded crime and war around the planet. If there were no video here and Australian government inquiry into the Nugan Hand bank I would not be able to tell Australians the real truth to wake them up from their Nigerian daydreams to see the real Aussie scammers and the real Ebola Monkey Man is none other than Australian national rugby league hero Denis John Pittard. If you are tired of Australian war-mongering, poo-pushing, drug deal funding, ultra black dollar, red dollar, green dollar white dollar, fake gold, fake diamond philandering scammers give this video a thumbs up. Denis claimed to be a VIP surgeon at Bangkok's Bumrungrad Hospital and also like to make people believe that he is a scam victim, hopefully this video will help open people's eyes so they can learn that Aussies should never be trusted easily and if they take you to the cleaners you will never realise it due to the size and complexity of Australian led scam teams. Expatriates should always avoid all Australians that try to talk about investing your money as once you are scammed the Aussie will just say "well look mate its them Africans you know, they are poor kids what do you expect?" Nugan Hand Bank was the main consumer of heroin from Northern Thailand In 1973 Frank Nugan, an Australian lawyer, and Michael Hand, a former CIA contract operative, established the Nugan Hand Bank. Another key figure in this venture was Bernie Houghton, who was closely connected to CIA officials, Ted Shackley and Thomas G. Clines. Nugan Hand Bank got involved in helping the CIA to take part in covert arms deals with contacts within Angola. Two CIA agents based in Indonesia, James Hawes and Robert Moore, called on Wilson at his World Marine offices to discuss "an African arms deal". Later, Bernie Houghton arrived from Sydney to place an order for 10 million rounds of ammunition and 3,000 weapons including machine guns. The following year Houghton asked Wilson to arrange for World Marine to purchase a high-technology spy ship. This ship was then sold to Iran. Today it is believed that Denis Pittard is back in Indonesia up to his old tricks; the same Indonesia where Australians in his banking team supplied Angolan rebels with arms - this time he is believed to be working with Liberian rebels running his 419 operation. Skippy the bush scammeroo forgot to eat vegemite and became an Aussie fraudster.