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    I am an old regular from the old TSB. I have some free time for lad torture. PM me for baiting on advice on pretty much anything. I am very good with computers. >:)

    No holes barred baiter.
  1. The Lolo

    Ras Labula

    From an old wig bait. Got all of his friends involved and even had missing posters put up around his town with pictures of him in his wig.
  2. The Lolo

    Hello Hello, Did you miss me? :)

    I can help assist with your freight bait mechanics too. Just PM.
  3. The Lolo

    Hello Hello, Did you miss me? :)

    Sorry to necro, ive had another 6 months spare time become available, cant find my old account login details! (Id prefer to switch this account to LOLO if thats possible? I have a bait on the brew.
  4. Hey guys, Ive been aways a while and noticed my completed baits and trophies were all missing!! I was a pretty active member back on the old forums, so trying to search high and low for my old baits. Some of them include "The raping of Charles Moora" where, well, it didnt end well for my pet. Here is one of mine with a young fella called himself Ras Labula, after getting him to fill out the forms for about 45 MB of scanned in PDFs I found out his real name of Moses Osei Sarfo. Here's a video of what I did to him anyways. I also distributed his ghey materials to all local towns, police and internet cafes with "missing" posters. Offering a $200 reward for him and his boyfriend. (He wasnt actually gay). Anyways, if anyone can dig that up, would be great. Also my "Paul Gadd Trilogy" featuring hundreds of wig sneps, nesties and hot sauce masturbation pictures. Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBW_IERiciU I am back in action and tend to do a lot of Facebook baits, so ill be updating soon enough. There was one lad I remember from about 4 years ago that slipped our net. Time to drop the hook in for 2015!