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    I managed to steer away with the bait from the actual add and any details held there, it is almost finishing because I did not start it properly and just want to end it and start some new ones with better preparation. I will prepare the whole story soon, to post here. It is real life drama going on, with mutliple personalities contacting scammer, who has no idea what the hell is going on.
  2. Nebulozny

    Hi There

    Hello, I am new to anti scamming scene, been interested in this for a while. Honestly I have received many stupid emails, but never bothered to to anything. Few days ago I posted an add in local craigslist and I got email from some dude. Seemed legit at first, second email revealed it all It is famous Nigerian scammer, claiming to pay via Paypal after I ship my items...you all know it. Well he got the right person now, I am exchanging more than 80 email by now, and he is completely in, will post emails soon. Feels hillarious watching him go from happines that he is finishing the scam on me to complet despair when I retreat my bait in last second....and come back again Cannot believe how stupid they can get.