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    Hi Tsb, I Am Confused.

    Hi TSB, I am not new to scambaiting by any means. I scambaited for years but slacked off. I haven't baited anyone in a long time. I was a prominent member of "thescambaiter.com" from 2008-2010 I specialized in the 'killing of fake banks I was mentored by a member named "Ernest T. Bass"'. "Thescambaiter.com" seems to be under some sort of new management now. I am just curious if anyone from the original "thescambaiter.com" is still around? TheFailure, LizzyTish, KTS, Ernest T. Bass, Ghost, Vectar, etc, etc... Or if someone from the new "thescambaiter.com" could tell me what happened, all of these members seemed extremely invested in the cause and I can't imagine them abandoning ship. P.S: Can I somehow access my previous 'Trophies'? I would love to see them... Thank you for reading, any information is appreciated. TYTSB