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  1. leafygoon

    The "other" scambaiter site.

    Ok i will ask help from you whenever i needed. I am a fairly new baiter Just wanted to know though, what was the problem with your scammed.by site that they decided to ban you permanently?
  2. leafygoon

    The "other" scambaiter site.

    i was at that other site too and was half way posting my bait as I did here. but I mentioned a rather "racist" comment (in their books), although I did not mean to be racist at all. All I said was most of these scammers came from Nigeria and happens to be black, so I didnt care if I called them a black ass or whatever (in my bait, TO THE SCAMMERS) becoz that is what they are, and they are in fact criminals. I wouldnt call any black person that sort of thing for no reason. then they deleted all my posts and locked my topic. luckily they didnt ban me. i was extremely upset, and some members PMd me and was frustrated that my bait was cut half way through without giving me a chance to finish it. they had some sort of double standards there that they CAN insult the scammers' mothers, but not to insult the scammers themselves WITHOUT involving their mothers. its so frustrating! I tried to re-do another topic and continued finishing my bait, and APOLOGIZED about what I said before and never to repeat it again....still they locked my topic again and deleted all my posts!. I practically begged them to let me post, but the mods are too enjoying their powers over there. i finally realized that they have too strict rules and the mods/admins do have "attitudes". they are too ego with their position. I re signed up with another username to find a mentor. and to be honest, i am not too sure what was the point of having one, when all they do is ignore all my questions and PMs I sent to my mentor. they didnt even bother to give me an advice on what i need to do with my lad. so i end up just doing things my way.
  3. leafygoon

    Hello :)

    thanks Rev Moe
  4. leafygoon

    Hello :)

    Hi there people I have currently started baiting a romance scammer. Would like to post it soon. But it is more of a chat exchanges than an email. Hope this is ok?