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    The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! Please accept my apology if my mode of contacting you will in any way offend you.My name is Miss sylvia Mujaba, I am 26 years girl single, from Libya the only surviving daughter of the late Libya business Magnate who died in 2011 crises.Though we have never met before but I took the decision to contact you due to the very important issue that requires your urgent attention . I hope i could trust you to tell you much about my self and my late parents wealth and sufficient bank deposit which i am the next of kin. Honestly i will like to discuss more with you through my private email when you replies me back. Write back to me via my email below for i have more to tell you with my photos. ([email protected])Aâ„¢AAâ„¢A‚AËœA¯AËœAª AËœA§Aâ„¢A„Aâ„¢AˆAËœA§Aâ„¢A„AËœA¯ AËœA§Aâ„¢A„Aâ„¢AˆAËœA­Aâ„¢ASAËœA¯ Aâ„¢AAâ„¢AS 2011 AËœA®Aâ„¢A„AËœA§Aâ„¢A„ AËœA§Aâ„¢A„AËœA­AËœA±AËœA¨ Aâ„¢A‡Aâ„¢Aˆ AËœA¨Aâ„¢A„AËœA¯Aâ„¢AS Aâ„¢Aˆ Aâ„¢A‚AËœA±AËœA±AËœAª AËœA§Aâ„¢A„AËœA§AËœAªAËœAµAËœA§Aâ„¢A„ AËœA¨AËœA³AËœA¨AËœA¨ AËœA§Aâ„¢A„Aâ„¢AÆ’Aâ„¢A… AËœA§Aâ„¢A„Aâ„¢A‡AËœA§AËœA¦Aâ„¢A„ Aâ„¢A…Aâ„¢A†AËœA§Aâ„¢A„Aâ„¢A…AËœA§Aâ„¢A„ AËœA§Aâ„¢A„AËœA±AËœA§AËœA­Aâ„¢A„ AËœAªAËœA±Aâ„¢AÆ’AËœA§Aâ„¢A„Aâ„¢AˆAËœA§Aâ„¢A„AËœA¯Aâ„¢ASAâ„¢A†Aâ„¢AAâ„¢AS AËœA£AËœA­AËœA¯ AËœA§Aâ„¢A„AËœA¨Aâ„¢A†Aâ„¢AˆAâ„¢AÆ’ AËœA£Aâ„¢A†AËœA§ Aâ„¢AˆAËœA§Aâ„¢A„AËœA´Aâ„¢A‚Aâ„¢ASAâ„¢A‚. Regards sylvia Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
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    Always good to see a new - or returning - ScamBaiting site, so every success to the new TSB!