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    Father died dancing--on the end of a rope..Mother died from lead poisoning--firing squad. I was born on a mayonnaise farm.
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    Baiting, and more baiting
  1. Maryjane Bongresin

    T-shirt scam

    For the past 7 months or so I've received T-shirt offers from 'Samantha', 'Amanda', and most notably 'Chris', et. al..All sent to my various scam aliases only. They appear to be semi-legit, as they say they are in Iowa and the phone and town check out, There is only 1 way they obtained my email address and that is from a guyman guestbook I signed years ago...I don't need any shirts but I was wondering if anyone else has also received this and responded.
  2. Maryjane Bongresin

    Move along, nothing to see here

    Yes hello. I myself have been away--always baiting--but trying to find my way around the new format here. And thanks Rev Moe for the assistance recently.
  3. Maryjane Bongresin

    Double your pleasure, doube your fun

    Re: Double your pleasure, doube your fun Mike/Fat Tony-- See my latest posting to LordC and Doctor in regard to this. This lad Patrick has suddenly jumped from me sending the money to some turkey in Turkey to now an 80 yr old grandmother in Colorado. I admire those who send the lads on trips to their local Western Union. A shitload of frustration. I play it differently.. When I am a woman in Dingo Flats Australia, I always tell them that the nearest W.U. office is up in Darwin 1100KM away, remembering my mileage conversions. And of course a trip there is maybe twice a year--always months from the request. "I am a busy busty woman with a koala ranch to run here!" To keep them on the hook, I DO promise to send them the cash from the local post office. Before they have a chance to say anything I say it has been sent to the address I previously requested. The jackasses then ask me for the MTCN tracking #s, obviously no fucking clue that once you send it from the post office with a stamp--it's gone! cheers--MJB
  4. Maryjane Bongresin

    What NOT to do in baiting

    Re: What NOT to do in baiting More thoughts-- Let me add that baiting isn't just all about making fools of the Lads and wasting their time and money, tho' it works. Baiting is also about keeping the lads involved in your bait which keeps them away from potentially stealing from naive/gullible people. For every email you have with them, or chat-- and an hour of chat equals about 10 emails--that cuts into their scamming someone else. Sounds redundant, but necessary for newbies and veterans to remember. MJB
  5. Maryjane Bongresin

    What NOT to do in baiting

    Re: What NOT to do in baiting Hi LordC and Doctor Very well put.. And let me add that ANY baiter with a conscience should ABSOLUTELY notify any innocent victims that are used in Ladscams....In a previous discussion with Mike/Fat Tony here I had a lad who wanted me to send money to some dude in Turkey, a few days ago. [chat on here] THEN-outta the fuckin' blue--the lad now TODAY instead asked me to send it to Janet M****, and an address in the Denver Colorado area. I looked up Janet M on the internet and at the useful SWITCHBOARD DOT COM ---the address is legit, and from the Net profile also an 80 yr old grannie. I cannot fathom how the hell this woman would be part & parcel to accepting money on a Nigerian scam unless she herself is a victim in some way as well.. Beats the shit outta me, but I promise you that I WILL contact her. I'm compelled to do it. MJB
  6. Maryjane Bongresin

    Double your pleasure, doube your fun

    Re: Double your pleasure, doube your fun Hi Mike/Fat Tony, Still an active bait..And while this lad wants the Western Union route ("the fastest way to send money") I did as I always do as a single lonely koala ranch owner in Australia----I told him that I sent the money from the local post office here in Dingo Flats. Soon the request came this week (Sept 22--4 days ago) for the MTCN # etc.. Somehow these dumb-asses can't comprehend the fact that when something is sent from a post office, that is it! Naturally the lad will say it was not received--well duh!--and ask me to send it again..I can only say that since it was AmericanEx Travelers Cheques (checks, as we yanks say) if they are lost or stolen, then I will have to jump through several hoops to start it all over again--because I damn-sure an NOT sending it again until I know where we stand! -----Ahh, such are the good things from living in Dingo Flats. Glad you enjoyed my chat there..Baiters should realize that every hour of chat equals about a dozen emails, and the advantage being that with a chat vs email they have no real time to stop and think about things. I always try and do a machine-gun reply with them on chats. cheers--MJB
  7. Maryjane Bongresin

    Double your pleasure, doube your fun

    Re: Double your pleasure, doube your fun hI mIKE/fAT t
  8. Maryjane Bongresin

    MrDoc Promoted to Super Moderator

    Re: MrDoc Promoted to Super Moderator DOC and CAPN' JACK One instance that turned me off on EATER was when I--posing as a Beverly Hills resident--casually mentioned that I gave a Lad my address and phone # which happened to also be the one for the BevHills Police Dept.. Some Mod chick jumped on my case immediately and said WE DO NOT ALLOW THAT HERE. ..well THAT was when I realized that the mods there had their heads up their asses as far as the spirit of baiting goes. One applauds--never denigrates--another baiter on that sort of thing. MJB
  9. Maryjane Bongresin

    The human centipede 3

    Re: The human centipede 3 I await PART 4--HORNY ROTTWEILER ON THE BEACH
  10. Maryjane Bongresin

    Dumbest Wash-Wash Attempt Ever

    Re: Dumbest Wash-Wash Attempt Ever
  11. Maryjane Bongresin

    Lad ignorance

    Re: Lad ignorance Capn', The dead giveaway should be that the area code for DC is and always has been 202. I suppose to kindly Aunt Ethel in Iowa a letter from 'The FBI' should be somewhat of a gasp. But the next giveaway is that they ALWAYS use a free email service--hotmail, yahoo, gmail, rocketmail, etc..They can't of course use the real fbi dot gov.
  12. Maryjane Bongresin

    Dumbest Wash-Wash Attempt Ever

    Re: Dumbest Wash-Wash Attempt Ever Capn' Jack The lads still do the wash-wash but not as often, or else just not to me that is. As it is, I usually try and romance them. A really enjoyable w-w scam which inspired me to ask for the ingredients can be found at Scam o Rama from Nov 2004. A great read. cheers--MJB
  13. Maryjane Bongresin

    Lad ignorance

    Hi friends, Below a shortened version of a recent 'FBI' notice to me from a lad. See anything unusual about it??? The address given is slightly a tad off--it should be for the J.Edgar Hoover Bldg..Of course a real EffBeeEye man would never make that mistake. But the phone # is actually a free internet service ( voicemail.K7.net) based in Seattle Washington--about 2800 miles west. The lads have no real comprehension that there are 2 Washingtons. The ones for Dir. Robert Mueller generally get shut down within 24 hrs, but when I get one from an 'agent' I always ask them what class they graduated at Quantico [the FBI Academy]. One moron actually asked me what Quantico was. ---------cheers--MJB >>>>>> Upon receipt of payment the delivery officer will ensure that your package is sent within 48 working hours. Because we are so sure of everything we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive payment/package within the next 48hours after you have made the payment for shipping we the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) will get your funds refund back to you with immediate effect Yours sincerely, NICHOLAS STORY FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE WASHINGTON, D.C. 20535 TELEPHONE: (206) 309-0312 FAX: (202) 666-5283
  14. Maryjane Bongresin

    Dumbest Wash-Wash Attempt Ever

    Re: Dumbest Wash-Wash Attempt Ever CAPN' JACK-- It's here-and-there about your Swastika thing.. The Nazi bastards took an ancient symbol from olden years and perverted it into their own symbol, twisting it around 180 degrees in shape from the original Sanskrit meaning it had--SU--good/ASTI-to be/KA-something Sanskrit to fill it in. And while we are at it--NEVER believe ANY lad who tells you they are in Germany. They ain't! MJB
  15. Maryjane Bongresin

    warm caribbean breezes

    Ah, just thinking of the Caribbean brings to mind lovely blue seas, swaying palm trees, da ganja mon, ---and scammers! Unbeknownst to many of you good baiting friends, there is an entire secondary scamming bunch of rascals that use the 809 telephone area code to work their stealing..Generally located in Antigua, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Saint Vincent, The Bahamas, and a few others. They use an 809 area code which SEEMS to be North American, and it is, to these island places. THE SNAG is that they are ALL scams, and calling them for even 5 seconds can add up to $2500 on your phone bill. It then becomes up to YOU to battle it out with your local phone provider. But OUR African lads either never use this--having no common Carib grounds to work with--or else they are unaware of it. In any event--it's an opportunity to present yourself as an 'off-shore' person of wealth. You can scam the scammers! Once they get the astronomical phone bill they will have no choice but to ditch their present phone service. Google '809 Caribbean phone scams' for more info. MJB