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  1. Hello, Dear I deligently require your urgent Asisstant, My major priority of contacting you is to propose a fortune that requires immediate and swift execution.My family is under the threat of President Bashar al-Assad for our resolute support for a true democratic Government in Syria. Due to the protest of current President Bashar al-Assad in my country as you can read and find out from the website Many families are running for their dear lives as soldiers are killing civilians, women and children. I want to bring to your notice that I have in my possession the sum of (Ten Million five hundred thousand dollars) $10,500,000. This is the money I have saved for my entire life as an industrialist, I am a Syrian an industrialist and a Member of the Board Directors in Syrian Petroleum Company. I stored this money in my house because putting money in a bank could be a very big risk in a country like ours at this time of war. I have secured this money in a box and have consulted an envoy here in Damascus who will help me in moving my box out of Syria for safe keeping and possible investment. This is why am in keen need of a Reliable and Trust worthy person who will receive the box, secure and protect it till my arrival in your which will be soon. you will be entitled to 20% of the total sum I have a 100% authentic means as regards to sending you the fund before my coming over. pls respond direct to E-mail Box, i am not used to this site.Pls Email directly on ([email protected]) for more details Best regards Haddad Kassis
  2. Re: Dud Cheques: EFCC Arraigns Hon. Aliyu Gebi Thanks guys. I know I could have looked it up but I was just making a little joke. I figured it would be somewhere on the far side of what I said and as it turns out it is a good bit on the far side of that.
  3. Re: Dud Cheques: EFCC Arraigns Hon. Aliyu Gebi What is that "One Hundred and Twenty Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira" in actual money? 37 dollars?
  4. Re: I don't care what you say about Jerry Sandusky
  5. Re: What do do with scam emails Yes, I can see how that would be helpful.
  6. Re: What do do with scam emails
  7. Re: What do do with scam emails No, I'm sorry. I just spent the last few minutes looking through my old mail but I must have deleted that and it seems to be gone for good. edit: I just remembered why I couldn't find it in my email. It came as a contact request on skype. I just did what I usually do in situations like that and blocked the guy. Hope that helps.
  8. Re: Finally! Moe, I didn't know you lived in England. If I had known that then I guess I wouldn't have suggested newegg because the shipping would probably negate any savings.
  9. Re: Finally! Wow! Butch, that is a LOT of stuff! I guess you needed all that when you were getting all those wonderful threats of dead and threats of the FBI, etc. That one youtube video you used to have up where that moron threatened to call the FBI on you where he said, "You are owing me money" was hilarious. Do you still have that (it is not on youtube anymore unless you have made it private). I would love to see it again if possible.
  10. Re: Finally! "Windows 8 is ok too..." Better you than me. But then, as Shirley Q. Liquor would say, "To each they own." Hope that works out well for you.
  11. Re: What do do with scam emails Wonderful! Please let me know when you get any reply, I want to follow that thread. And yeah, that English they used was what just about killed me (from laughing).
  12. Re: What do do with scam emails You see my dilemma. I think of myself as a moral man with good values and yet, here I am offered a share of over 7 million dollars and the people it belonged to all "died in a sport" and won't be needing it. Apparently William Banker (ahaha) and I would be sharing their money--I just don't know, what would you do?
  13. Re: What do do with scam emails I got a funny one if someone wants to reply to him/her/whatever. TAKE YOUR TIME AND GO TRUE IT NO RIST OKAY There is a fund in my bank . And i am the Account officer to the fund. am the only one who knows every thing about this fund. The fund belongs to one Mr. Belinda Jiang the fund is 7.1 million US Americana dollar. To be transfer to him online in your country. the bank waited over two years we did not hear from him I was sent to call him on phone and someone pick the call and told me that Mr. Pule Jiang and is family involve in car Accident and thee all die in a sport. And nobody will come for the money and I don't want the money to go into the Government Account. That is why i am here to look for person that comes from his country to stand. So that the Fund can be transfer to you and as you receive the Fund you send for me to come to your country and invest the money. As far am the Account officer I will tell you what to do. know risk involve so dnt worry i will tell you how to contact the bank.and the fund will be transfer to you successfully Thanks’ for your contact: on Email: [email protected] I about fell out of my chair laughing at this idiot. I liked the fact that he told me right away it was a "risky free" venture (it no rist, okay--I assume that means it is risky free). And check it, the fund belongs to Mr. Belinda Jiang. LOL! Someone pick the phone means, I guess, someone answered the phone when it rang. And then Mr. Banker was informed that "Mr. Pule Jiang" "and is family" "thee all die in a sport." Well, I guess if you die doing something you enjoy that's not a bad way to go. Anyway, if someone here wants to send this guy on a trip or something I would be happy to read about it.
  14. Re: I don't care what you say about Jerry Sandusky They probably have Sandusky separated from the general population of the prison in protective custody. Just a guess.
  15. Re: The instant lol corner: Funniest messages from scammers. Batoum, he will surely dead you with the saw of dead. You should just go ahead and give him all the money you have now and tell him you will make the rest in payments if he just won't dead you with that terrible saw of dead.