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    I grew up in Oklahoma, U.S.A. I am a Korean War veteran. US Marines with duties as an intelligence analyst. After discharged from the Marines I owned an advertizing agency and retired in Thailand. I am now living with my Thai common law wife and her two daughters in the suburbs of Bangkok Bangkok is a fantastic city, extremely modern and hi tech, Every thing available that one can think of. Living here is very cheap and I love it.
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    Bangkok Thailand
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    Photography and fishing
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  1. I am retired and moved to Thailand. I didn’t speak the language and wanted a live in Thai girlfriend who spoke English and settle down. I found her on an Internet dating site. I was aware of the romance scams so I decided to not allow myself to go crazy and fall in love over the Internet and at the first request for money I would drop her. I checked out several web sites and was pleasantly surprised at the large number of Thai women looking for a farang (foreigner) partner. Many Thai women prefer a man who is from the U.S.A. or a European country because they have more money than the average Thai and Thai men are notoriously unfaithful and treat their women with little chivalry. As an example I have gone out many times with Thai men and their wives in a pickup. The men ride up front with the AC and women ride outside in the bed of the truck. When shopping, The women carry all the purchases. These are just a few examples. I put my little ad on the website requesting a live in girlfriend.. Surprisingly it was free. With so many women looking they are the ones who have to pay. I right away I received many replies. I decided to not choose one but corresponded with several. After a while I settled on one and eventually we met and hit it off real well. She was beautiful and much younger than I. Have heard that Thai women prefer older men because they aren’t as prone to run around on them. I fit the bill. After spending a lot of time together she agreed to move in with me under conditions that I set. I will give no money to your family or loan them any money. I will give you an allowance to buy food and $50 extra a week for spending money. I will pay the rent and all the rest of living expenses and recreation. Do not ask me for any additional money. It was a good deal for her as that is what the average Thai earns for a weak and has live on it. Hers is all fun money. She was very happy with the arrangement and we moved in together. We have lived together for more than five years now. I have learned to love her and she has me. She has never asked me for more money or tried to manipulate me. I now provide her with a lot of things she would like or want. It’s still $50 a week but I think I will give her a raise. We live the good life without any concern for money as I am financially secure. I could have been scammed out of thousands if I had gone crazy and fallen in love in the beginning. I may have sounded a little cold and hard hearted but starting out with a good understanding between the two without the romantic love crazies is the safest way. There are many Thai women on the Internet that run love scams. Many men are badly scamed here. Don’t fall in love on the Internet and if asked for money for any reason, run away.
  2. Largest Scam in the world

    Church of Scientology a cult that has ripped off members for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Want to know more- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GSy1-IsXKo
  3. scammer hacked my yahoo box

    Good advice from Rev. Moe. Don't you or anyone email him. Nothing can be done with an email and its a chance for opening up more trouble. Consider his email address poison.
  4. My first Baiting expirience

    Worth a try. Good questions-go for it.
  5. Box Jumping

    I am ignorant of this term. What is it and how is it done?
  6. Mikstaau Intro

    Re: Mikstaau Intro Please let us know a little more about yourself. Where in Australia?
  7. Re: Nigerian Scammer stranded in Bangkok Airport Bobby Boy Did you ask these men if they were from Nigeria and Ghana? How do you know? Did you ask them if you are in this hotel waiting to scam someone? How do you know? How did visiting Bangkok several times allow you to get all this inside information without asking these individuals? When you see six black men together, how do you know they are a gang? Did you ask them if they are waiting to scam someone? Many blacks visit Bangkok. I have lived In Bangkok for over seven years and visited the airport many times. I have seen blacks at the airport but I was unable to tell whether the few I saw were gangs, tourists, business men or scammers. Based on your observations, I must assume the many Arabs I see here are Tlaiban terrorists. Quote from your post- "Im guessing they have a network of gangs in different countries to see the scams out and do not make a special trip just for you." The magic word in your post is guessing. Your post was a statement of fact qualified at the end by guessing. Which is it? Scammers do have reps in other countries as evidenced by a bait where I caused one to fly to HongKong to assist his rep there in a gold scam. Regarding the scammer stranded at Bangkok airport in my post, to the best of my knowledge and the bait, he was stranded at the airport. I can think of no motive on his part for sending me the stranded email that would be in any way to his benefit..
  8. Re: What excuses work once you say you have sent the money? Anxious to hear what happens. Keep us posted
  9. Re: What excuses work once you say you have sent the money? Scammers are very paranoid and their belief in Juju makes them think anything possible. Just send them an email that you received comfirmation that Mr. ___ has picked up the money and continue on with the bait. It worked for me. I set up an email account for the imposter who picked up the money and let the scammer know his email address. Had a lot of fun with threats and name calling back and forth between scammer and Mr. _____. Scammer believed his email account was hacked. " Receieved confirmation from Mr._____ @ xxx.com that the money was received as per your instructions."
  10. Greetings

    Re: Greetings Welcome aboard Semagol, With your technical knowledge and expertise I expect you to become a super baiter. I enjoyed reading your posts. Please keep us informed as to your baiting exploits.
  11. Psychopath?

    Re: Psychopath? I agree. The baiter is not a true psychopath but on observing the the baiter during the bait, one might consider the old axiom- "If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, it has to be a duck. If some of my statements seem a little trollish, it's only an effort to keep the discussion going. I really enjoy reading other's post. I wish more would do so. Surely with our huge membership there must be many who are not mute and have something interesting to post and reply. This is a great site. Participation by its members is the only way to keep it viable and active.
  12. Psychopath?

    Re: Psychopath? Why we really bait? I have not read a true answer to the question. Performing only a public service to the gullible is rationalization on the baiters part. I don't believe any would spend the many hours and effort in front of their computer with the only motivation to perform such an altruistic service, Jesus Christ excluded. What's the real payback? When one manipulates the scammer to outrageous acts, wast countless hours of his time, loose money and so on, does one during or after sit back and congratulate himself for only performing a public service. I think not. I challenge any baiter to deny their enjoyment of their power over the scammer and the problems they inflict upon them. These actions when inflicted upon society as a whole would be condemned. Yet we carry on regarding the scammer, without recrimination. A simplistic answer would be, it's fun to be naughty and I can get away with it. I am not saying that all baiters are psychopaths who may have tortured puppys and kittens as a child. It's just that we change during a bait. We become evil, exhibiting all the attributes of a true psychopath. After leaving the bait, once again we return to the good decent human being that we truly are. Wonder if you really are a psychopath? Take this test to find out. The link still works in spite of server error warning. OkCupid | Oops, there was a server error!
  13. Psychopath?

    Re: Psychopath? "I am definitely not a psychopath (distinguishing feature of psychopaths is the inability to feel any empathy toward others)" Have you any empathy toward scammers?
  14. The Cole Bait Thread

    Re: Cole death threats Very good. I really enjoyed it. One of the best.
  15. Dan Chris

    Re: Dan Chris Good ideas Tez. I particularly like this hook. "Tell him you have been scammed before and it has taken years for you to trust men again; this is the reason for asking him for those items. And see if he replies."