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    Dublin, Ireland.
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    Astrophysics, Vengeance.
    I'm an old school horror baiter from the old TSB.
    Rape, Sex changes, war zone safari's and public humiliation are my modus operand... with wigs on. I've been quite a prolific baiter throughout the years and have made lads such as Charles Moora and Moses Osei Sarfo household names. If you lads are looking at this page, I am the guy that ruined you're lives. Chin up!
  1. Me and Ziggy's "Trannies fucking dead chckens with feathers on / off" bait was a good one too. Also the gay anal creampie / divorce / arrest extravaganza of David oohed.
  2. Well, ive got a break in my studies and a divorce has cleared my schedule. haha. Back to business as usual I guess!!! I have gory details on the old TSB ending d love to share. We are in the business of destroying scammers lives after all! Just to check, do we have to follow any rules with our baits here? I'd prefer them to a minimum... obviously. Good to be on board, Heres an example of my handy work. If you can track down my Moses Osei Sarfo bait I would be much obliged. Also "The raping of Charles Moora", I destroyed that cunt for 2 years If you need any advice on running stuff here be sure to ask, with regards to techniques, freight baits, legalities in countries, safari's etc... I have a few baiters on my personal facebook, ill get em over here.
  3. Mill, Racecar, Ivor, Blues, ziggy, ghana, nukenigeria? Please be active guys. If ive forgot anyone I should most defiantly remember, accept my apologies!!
  4. Where are our baits and galleries? I hope those were kept?
  5. Hey baiters, What is this I see, risen from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix with a wig on? Has the previous shit that went down with TSB been cleared up and those guilty rightfully had their lives destroyed via a poster campaign in their neighbourhoods proclaiming them to be Camp Davidians reborn and recruiting children? Just to check, are all the old gang still about? I have recently acquired a fuck ton of spare time and I think you may have been letting the lads off too easy. I even got an email to my university address. You have been slacking.