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  1. cygnus2112

    The "other" scambaiter site.

    no, i have no idea what happened to failure or the original tsb. what happened? what is the story? i don't have my old scam baits anymore. i wish i did though.
  2. cygnus2112

    The "other" scambaiter site.

    hey thanks, yeah I was a long time member of the original TSB until it was closed. I had tons of scambaits there and trophies. I had a different user name on the old TSB, and was a gold member. I wish I could get those trophies and baits back, id love to re-read them. Yeah, they were super sensitive about things at 419eater, I guess I could understand. they don't want anything negative but I honestly didn't say anything bad. I got banned because I didn't kiss ass. this is what I said: a baiter was commenting about that she wondered what would have happened if a real woman victim from the us did go Nigeria to meet her scammer and his friend. and basically I wrote "2 black criminals would be there and kidnap the white lady, rape, kill, hold her for ransom, rob, and leave her stranded, or all of the above." that's what pissed em off, because I mentioned "black" criminals. oh well.
  3. cygnus2112

    The "other" scambaiter site.

    I joined 419 eater dot com recently and right off the bat was given an attitude because I mentioned I was a member of TSB. well today I got banned because I made a joking comment about how I wished we would launch nukes on the entire continent of Africa to get rid of all the scammers. I explained them I wasn't serious. I was also called racist because I mentioned that scammers in Africa are mostly black. that was it. I am by no means racist at all. I backed that up with "if all Italians were scammers, id say the same thing. and i'm Italian." no dice. I tried to explain tht maybe it was a culture thing with the british/American humor and they misinterpreted what I was saying. To no avail.. alas I was banned. I really liked that site. why are they so uptight there? has anyone else had a bad experience with them?
  4. cygnus2112

    hi everyone !

    old TSB member here, my name was darthbogan and was a paying member. glad to see some familiar names and baits! been away doing IRL stuf (school, work, travel). Looking fwd to maybe doing some baits again or perhaps just come here to cheer on the experts! How's Dong doing?? LOL!