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  1. Hi, I have posed as a lad, emailing scammers so that I can seed some emails. One guy has replied: Hello guy, na one of my boiz box you mail to so i decided to contact you my self, na wetin we fit run together on GEE level. And I want to send: How far, I got your email and I thank God for it. My oga has been murdered a month ago and I want to get money. Previously, I have been getting <high, but realistic amount of Ghana money> per year, and I would like to make money with you. I am willing to work for free for some time to build your trust. Please don't disappoint me. Your next email, I will send you a list of victims. Can someone please translate this to realistic scammer language? Also, put in an appropriate amount of money? Also, can you give me your catcher email accounts please?