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    REV.JOHN MARK To: undisclosed-recipients:; Reply-To: [email protected] Return-Path: X-Original-To:XXXXX Delivered-To: XXXXX Received: from firme-plus.com.mx (unknown []) by mail.aa419.org (Postfix) with ESMTP id 0F5933766123D for ; Wed, 14 Aug 2013 23:50:25 +0000 (UTC) Received: from User (unknown []) by firme-plus.com.mx (Postfix) with ESMTP id 7A2F19C7F48; Wed, 14 Aug 2013 18:48:30 -0500 (CDT) Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="Windows-1251" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Priority: 3 X-Msmail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000 X-Mimeole: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000 Message-Id: THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FUND Let me start by introducing myself to you, I am Reverend John Mark and a banker by profession with banking experience of 24years. Presently, I am working with the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN) at the transfer department and am in charge of Foreign Transfer Department. I want to use this opportunity to let you know that I came across your file that was painted Red and marked X and your transfer has been put on pending and hold for so long. I took time to carry out my investigation and only to find out that you have paid VIRTUALLY all fees but the fund was not released to you. I'm writing to confirm if you are DEAD or Alive because I am looking for all means to get this fund across to you or your family. I needed to do this because you need to know the statues of your Funds and cause for the delay, please this is like a Mafia setting in Nigeria, and you may not understand it because you are not a Nigerian. I am only doing this because I have the fear of GOD in me and I hate to see people been cheated. Note that the actual funds is valued at US$7.5M and i have transferred your funds out of the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA and deposited it at the NatWest Bank PLC U.K on your behalf. I shall be looking forward to hear from you if you are still very much alive. You are to get in touch with me through my cell phone +2348142620445 I remain your brother in the Lord Almighty. Best Regard Rev.John Mark
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    Good act

    The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! Hello,My name is Terri Coyle Sheffield, I turned 60 a few months ago.I am writing to you as I have need for a trusted person with a good heart. I do not know why I have chosen you in particular, but I hope I am doing the right thing. God-willing, Ill be glad I followed my instincts and sent you this email. I have been diagnosed with cancer and have a short time to live. I need help contributing to charitable causes at this time. I have begun already but would need help for commencement of the next stage.I will tell you more about myself when you send a reply and I will like to get to know you better as time goes on.Hoping to have a reply from you.Yours truly,Terri Coyle Sheffield. Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
  3. The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! UNION CONSTITUTIONNELLE : La Jeunesse elit son nouveau SG d img {display: block;}td img {display: block;}td img {display: block;}a { color:#005da8; } Si cet email ne saffiche pas correctement, vous pouvez le visualiser grA¢ce A ce lien La jeunesse de la€™UC elit son SG La jeunesse de la€™UC devrait elire son nouveau secretaire general ce samedi A Casablanca. La campagne a debute hier pour les quatre candidats en lice. Abdelatif Mhammedi de Mohammedia, Youssef Tidriri de Rabat, Anouar Zyne de Casablanca, et Driss Khoulani da€™Oujda se disputent ...Lire la suite Edito Pour un axe Dakar-Rabat La quatorziA¨me commission mixte entre le Senegal et le Maroc est un exercice qui a montre son interAªt pour la€™emergence sur le terrain da€™un pA´le africain de la€™ouest dans le concert des nations au lieu des habituelles declarations qui tombent dans la€™oubli A peine les delegations rentrees chez elles. La reconnaissance mutuelle des permis de ....Lire la suite La€™ACFP presente sa feuille de route A«a€‰La€™intelligence economique telle que nous la€™entendons dans cette feuille de route est la pratique qui consiste A recolter, enrichir et partager la€™information strategique pour la€™aide A la decision des organisationsa€‰A». Cest ce quannonce le preambule du document de 36 pages redige par les membres de AMIE .... Lire la suite Zoom sur A«a€‰Ellesa€‰A» La€™artiste peintre Souad Sahel expose A la€™Institut Cervantes son exposition A« Muses A». Une exposition oA¹ elle distille une prose visuelle trA¨s feminine, entourant ses portraits de femmes da€™un esthetisme A la fois onirique et psychologique. La femme, au centre de son exposition, est declinee en mA¨re, en muse, en corps melancolique, en une courbe, en une A¢me.... Lire la suite Les syndicats boycottent les assises de la Sante Les syndicats de la sante publique, privee et universitaire font front commun contre leur ministre. A la€™origine de la grogne, les Assises de la sante, prevues en mois de juillet A Marrakech. La CDT (Confederation democratique du travail), ...Lire la suite 30 avenue des FAR (10e etage) CASABLANCA MAROC Tel : 05 20 13 13 13/12 Fax : 05 22 26 51 61 Si vous ne souhaitez plus recevoir Le SOIR, cliquez ici Vous recevez cet email A lA´adresse suivante :[email protected] Casablanca, Morocco Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
  4. The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! Si vous ne parvenez pas andamp;agrave; lire ce message, suivez ce lien Tour dhorizon Tous les jeudis votre agence de voyages Tour dhorizon vous propose des promotions exclusives en Ventes FLASH : Les jeudis de landamp;eacute;tandamp;eacute;. Les offres prandamp;eacute;sentandamp;eacute;es ci-dessous sont valables jusquau lundi 1er juillet 2013. Disponible dans votre agence : - Sandamp;eacute;jour en Tunisie - 47%* - Sandamp;eacute;jour andamp;agrave; Fuerteventura - 46%* - Sandamp;eacute;jour andamp;agrave; landamp;Icirc;le Maurice - 43%* - Sandamp;eacute;jour andamp;agrave; Lanzarote - 41%* - Sandamp;eacute;jour en Rep. Dominicaine - 37%* - Location dans les Alpes - 45%* - Sandamp;eacute;jour en Bretagne - 44%* ACCEDER AUX VENTES FLASH Retrouvez lintandamp;eacute;gralitandamp;eacute; de nos offres dans notre agence : Tour dhorizon 5 RUE DU CHAI DES FARINES BORDEAUXandamp;nbsp; 33000 Tandamp;eacute;l : 05 56 38 17 35 [email protected] * Offres soumises andamp;agrave; conditions, pour de plus amples informations rendez-vous dans votre agence de voyages. andamp;nbsp;- Randamp;eacute;ductions sur une base 2 personnes par rapport aux prix brochure. Hors frais dandamp;rsquo;inscription et frais de service agence. Des supplandamp;eacute;ments spandamp;eacute;cifiques sont susceptibles de sandamp;acute;appliquer andamp;agrave; certaines destinations. Stock limitandamp;eacute; et sous randamp;eacute;serve de disponibilitandamp;eacute;s. Pour ne plus recevoir de communication de notre part, accandamp;eacute;dez andamp;agrave; cette page Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
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    The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! A link to the following article(s) from www.annualreviews.org has been sent to you by MR ROBERT KELLY([email protected]):THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF ONLINE COMMUNITIESComments:A¡buenos dA­asEstoy Mr.Robert kelly blemain financiaciA³n y explotaciA³n de fuentes nacionales e internacionales de financiamiento para nuestros expertos en soluciones creativas a sus problemas financieros. El credito corporativo a tasas de interes asequibles.NUESTRO PAQUETE;, Mejora prestamos prestamos para automA³viles Inventor Inicio refinanciar, consolidar la deuda, la lA­nea de credito, una segunda hipoteca,Los prestamos comerciales, prestamos personales, prestamos internacionales:About Annual ReviewsAnnual Reviews is proud to publish authoritative, analytic reviews in 40 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences. Since 1932, Annual Reviews publications have ranked consistently among the most highly cited in the scientific literature.For more information about Annual Reviews, to view additional content, receive email alerts, or to subscribe to any Annual Reviews journals, visit www.annualreviews.org.Copyright 2013, Annual Reviews. All Rights Reserved. Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
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    Your Urgent Reply Is Needed

    The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! Dear Friend.andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Subject: I humbly request your consent and co-operation so as I can present you as an heir/next-of-kin of a deceased account proceeds valueandamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;5,05,08,609.14 INRandamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;.andamp;nbsp;(Five Crore Five Lahk eight thousand Six Hundred and Nine rupees only)andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;I am writing this letter in confidence believing that it is the wish of God to meet with you since we have not met before, I got your e-mail address with regard to your profile, after searching all the job site, Shine,Hindu, matrimony and religious site looking for a trust worthy person and I decided to contact you.andamp;nbsp;I am Miss Kavita Mazumdar ofandamp;nbsp;Auditing and accounting section staff in Reserve Bank of India,andamp;nbsp;during my investigation and auditing I came across many inactive accounts but there is a particular account that has not been noticed by the previous/past auditors the account has been dormant without any claim of the fund.andamp;nbsp;I write to solicit for support and assistance from you to carry out this deal in my bank that will benefit us. See the link below as directed by RBI which led to my discoveryandamp;nbsp;http://www.financialexpress.com/news/find-whereabouts-of-unclaimed-deposit-holders-rbi-tells-banks/909041andamp;nbsp;Lying in one of the many inactive accounts is the sum ofandamp;nbsp;5,05,08,609.14 INRandamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;((Five Crore Five Lahk eight thousand Six Hundred and Nine rupees only))andamp;nbsp;belonging to a foreign customer (Mr.Chowalert Jitjamnong) who was a gas consultant here in India, he happened to be deceased during a vacation trip with his wife (Mrs .Siriphut Jitjamnong) and the only child (Chawit Jitjamnong)andamp;nbsp;on board One-Two-Go Orient-Thai Airlines flight OG269 Phuket Airport plane crash of Monday, 17th September 2007 from Bangkok to Phuket.Info of this crash was on the news which we have tried to notify his relatives but to no avail, see link below for more detailed information:andamp;nbsp;http://www.korat-info.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18 andamp;amp; t=1496#p6452andamp;nbsp;Unfortunately, he has no family member in India or Over-sea who are aware of the existence of the funds, at this juncture, I have decided to do business with you by soliciting your assistance in applying as the next of kin to the bank then the money will be released to you, as I do not want the money to go into the bank treasury as an unclaimed bill, because the banking laws and guidelines stipulates that if such money(S) remains unclaimed for a period of five years(5yrs),the money will be moved into the bank treasury as an unclaimed bill.andamp;nbsp;My request and interest for a next of kin is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and he secretly deposited the money without telling anybody, more importantly I will be responsible for approving application from a next of kin as part of my duty and recommendations but I will not let anybody know about the secret deal between us. 50% of the money will be my share and 40% will be your share for your role, partner and assistance to actualise this deal, while 10% will be for payment of expenses you made during and after the deal/transfer into your account thereafter you will transfer my share to my account once the money hits your account for disbursement according to the percentage indicated.andamp;nbsp;To affect the immediate transfer of the fund to your account as agreed, you must apply first to the bank as the next of kin to the deceased, and then we will follow up all formalities for the transaction. Send me yourFull Name............................................Address................................................Telephone Number.............................andamp;nbsp;Fax Number.........................................andamp;nbsp;Email Address.....................................andamp;nbsp;Sex.........................................................andamp;nbsp;Date of Birth..........................................Occupation............................................Id PROOF-----------------------------------To enable me fix it up in the deceased customer file immediately. It is 100% risk free because it will be secret and nobody will find out.Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you, the text of application you are to send to the bank, and further clarify you in other issues as to effect this business.andamp;nbsp;Waiting to hear from you urgentlyandamp;nbsp;Best RegardsMiss Kavita MazumdarE-Mail: [email protected] your own FREE website and domain with business email solutions, click here Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
  7. The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! john has recommended that you check out this page at Champion Dynamics International:http://www.aplus-ads.com/link/starthere I have discovered an amazingly simple incomesystem that will allow you and anyone else toearn an incredible income from home, just byusing your computer and the Internet. This systemis calledhttp://powertextadscripts.com/link/cashpointsThis page was sent using our Send to a Friend service.Your email address has not been added to any list of any sort, and has not been recorded at our site. Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
  8. The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! Hello My Dear,andamp;nbsp;Good day, Hope this mail finds you in an excellent condition of health, this is Honorable Dr.Mike Okadigbo, You may not understand why this mail came to you. Itandamp;rsquo;s a great delight and immense pleasure , happy to inform you about my success in getting the fund $89.5Million transferred under the co-operation of a new partner from Dubai, Presently Iandamp;rsquo;mandamp;nbsp; in Dubai for investment projects with my own share of theandamp;nbsp; total sum. Meanwhile, I didnandamp;#39;t forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how.I and my new partner must compensate you for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter, we have now in Dubai UAE and we agreed and map out 10% of the total amount for you.andamp;nbsp;Now kindly contact my Account officer in Eco bank, With the below details ask him to send you the total $3.950, 000.00 which I kept for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me, I also told him to send you $50,000.00 through western Union Money Transfer and process the rest $3.900, 000.00 through ATM CARD this is to avoid any hitches in receiving your fund.andamp;nbsp;Account Officer Name is:- Mr. Innocent ObiWestern Union Office/ATM CARD Section X.Email Address is:- [email protected];nbsp;I appreciated your efforts at that time very much, so feel free and get in touched with my Account Officer with your details as follows to avoid Mistake, so that he will be sure and instruct him to send the amount to you. Please do let me know immediately you receive the $3.900, 000.00 through ATM CARD so that we can share the joy together.andamp;nbsp;1, Full NaME. andamp;nbsp;2, Address.3, Country. andamp;nbsp;4, Occupation.5, Cell/ Telephone Number.6, Copy your ID for easy identification. andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;In the moment, I am very busy here because of the investment projects which I and the new partner are having at hand over here, finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to my Account Officer on your behalf to first of all send to you $50,000.00 through western Union Money Transfer for you to have money at hand to process your ATM CARD without any delay, so feel free to get in touch with Mr. Innocent immediately you read this massage.andamp;nbsp;I have made this correspondence brief because I donandamp;#39;t know how functional your email is. may I know if I have your consent so he can proceed with the transfer. Expecting to hear from you for more directivesandamp;nbsp;Your urgent response will be highly anticipated and appreciatedandamp;nbsp;Thanks and Remain Bless,andamp;nbsp;Honorable Dr.Mike Okadigbo Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
  9. The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! Bien-Aime Bonjour,Je vous ecris pour solliciter votre accord pour realiser des projetsandamp;nbsp;humanitaires.Je vous contacte concernant un projet pour le bien Aªtre desandamp;nbsp;orphelins et les pauvres gens. Je souffre da€™une maladie qui ma€™empAªche deandamp;nbsp;realiser le rAªve de mon defunt epoux. Nous avons deposeandamp;nbsp;1.500.000a‚¬andamp;nbsp;(Un million Cinq Cent mille euros)dans une Banque en Afrique pour cesandamp;nbsp;projets. Si vous estimez que vous pouvez donner a ces pauvres enfants et femmesandamp;nbsp;demunis un espoir et joie a travers ces projets, alors faites moi savoir votreandamp;nbsp;avis afin que nous puissions echanger davantage.Vous ne serez pas decu davoir accepter. Copier aussi votre reponse a:andamp;nbsp;[email protected];nbsp;Cordialement,Corinne BURIERE Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
  10. The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! ATENCAO!CHEGOU A BRASIL MMN!Para garantir sua posicao no grupo, faca seu pre-cadastro ereserve seu lugar no binario!Por apenas R$ 49,00, voce recebera ja, o seu cartao FlexAssists Mastercard, com inumeros beneficios!Para os LIDERES de todo Brasil, temos uma propostaESPECIAL!Voce que sempre sonhou em ter uma empresa seria, 100%brasileira,andamp;nbsp; com pagamentos diarios, semanais e mensais,recebendo seusbonus atraves de um cartao pre-pago, com bandeira MASTERCARD, essa e aoportunidade!ACESSE: www.brasilmmn.com/4 FACA JAandamp;nbsp; SEU PRE-CADASTRO!Sergio [email protected]:11-3522-6441Cel: 11-98166-0418 (Tim)MSN: [email protected] Talk: [email protected]:arrejoriaFacebook: arrejoriaTwitter: arrejoria Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
  11. The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! A A OlA¡ como vai , espero que tudo na santa paz, venho fazer um convite para vocAª.Esta achando caro para iniciar seu negA³cio prA³prio pela net entA£o chegou a hora saiba porque:Invista menos de R$ 0,85 por dia e receba ate R$ 293,94 por dia! Isso mesmo com apenas R$ 25,00 reais por mAªs pode ter ganhos de mais de R$ 8 MIL REAIS.Totalmente seguro! consulte CNPJ the FR PROMOTORA.CNPJ.: 02.773.549/0001-44 (consulte no site the Receita Federal)!e nas suas horas vagas , tendo ganhos semanais, uma A³tima renda mensal de ate R$ 8818,25 e ainda beneficios exclusivos!A (IMPORTANTE), QUERO DEIXAR MINHA OPORTUNIDADE POREM ANTES DIZER QUE TERA MEU TOTAL APOIO COMO SEU INDICADO, POIS E MUITO IMPORTANTE NO INICIO DO TRABALHO TER UM SUPORTE, E NEM SEMPRE ISSO ACONTECE, POR ISSO EU GARANTO A VOCAS, COMIGO TERA TOTAL APOIO.Estamos cadastrando Divulgadores para trabalho em casa.A“timos ganhos semanais e mensais mais benefA­cios. Empresa seria, atuante no mercado desde 1998 oferecendo servicos de qualidade.A A A A A A Abaixo segue um dos muitos ganhos que vocAª pode ter no caso os valores da tabela sA£o os fixos por nA­veis completosA GrA¡fico com todas as informacAµes referentes ao seu grupo de DivulgacA£o:A NA­veisGanha pelo nA­vel preenchidoMA¡ximo de cadastrados em cada nA­velGanha por cada cadastradoNeste nA­vel entram Divulgadores...1AºA NA­velR$ 21,505 DivulgadoresR$ 4,30Indicados por vocAª, por Ativos acima de vocAª e pela empresa2Aº NA­velR$ 89,2525 DivulgadoresR$ 3,57Indicados por Ativos no 1Aº NA­vel, por vocAª, por Ativos acima de vocAª e pela empresa3Aº NA­velR$ 357,50125 DivulgadoresR$ 2,86Indicados por Ativos no 2Aº e no 1Aº NA­vel, por vocAª, por Ativos acima de vocAª e pela empresa4Aº NA­velR$ 1.787,50625 DivulgadoresR$ 2,86Indicados por Ativos no 3Aº, 2Aº e no 1Aº NA­vel, por vocAª, por Ativos acima de vocAª e pela empresa5Aº NA­velR$ 6.562,503125 DivulgadoresR$A 2,10Indicados por Ativos no 4Aº, 3Aº, 2Aº e no 1Aº NA­vel, por vocAª, por Ativos acima de vocAª e pela empresaTotal que vocAª ganha pelo grupo todo preenchido:A R$ 8.818,25A Quer saber como iniciar:A http://uplinepro.com/EquipeSuporteFrSITE DA EMPRESA :http://www.frpromotora.com/JuniorLopes709497A SERVIA‡OS DA EMPRESA:A http://divulgadores.frpromotora.com/44709497/index.phpCADASTRE AQUI: Basta preencher os campos A com pontos vermelhos e no campo como conheceu a empresa por JuniorLopes709497A https://www.frpromotora.com/clientes/clientes_cadastrar.php?id=JuniorLopes709497A VocAª terA¡ umA PATROCANIO RESPONSAVELA com umaA EQUIPE SA‰RIA!*** Divulgue seu negA³cio e tambem ganhe com esse programa!Triplique Seus Ganhos ***Saiba aqui como:A http://zip.net/bwj7wgA *** Aumente ainda mais seus ganhos ***A Assista o vA­deo :A http://youtu.be/Pnb14CjyPBEA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Faca seu pedido:A http://www.paginalucrativa.com.br/?id=1167A **Tenho oferta especial para quem quiser iniciar tambem**A Conte comigo sempre que precisar.A Contatos e Suporte Online:Skype: Junior32spE-mail:A [email protected]:A [email protected]:A http://www.facebook.com/junior.jordao.98TerA¡ todo meu suporte.Venha participar de nossa equipe!A Se nA³s continuarmos a fazer as mesmas coisas, os resultados serA£o sempre os mesmos!Importante:A Este e-mail estA¡ sendo enviado de acordo com o Guia de Boas Maneiras para e-mail marketing daA ABEMD - AssociacA£o Brasileira de Marketing Direto.A Enviar e-mailA nA£o e crime, desde que o seu conteAºdo nA£o cause danos ao destinatA¡rio e a mensagem nA£o eA considerada spam quando inclui uma forma de serA removida.A A Em razA£o disso, este e-mail nA£o pode ser e nA£o e considerado spam porA incluir uma forma de ser o removido o endereco eletrA´nico do destinatA¡rio. Caso nA£o queira mais receber nossos informativos, basta clicar no link de remocA£o ou se preferir, responda esta mensagem e coloque no assunto:A REM OVERA o que euA NAÆ’O RECOMENDOA porque sempre tenho boas oportunidades para apresentar.A A A A A A A A A Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
  12. The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! Assurez-vous de la bonne reception de nos e-mails en ajoutant [email protected];nbsp;A vos contacts Edition nA° 358 du 26 juin 2013 Si cet email ne saffiche pas correctement cliquez ici Humeur du jour Le Maroc moins pacifiste en 2013 que la€™annee derniA¨re andamp;nbsp; Le Maroc a perdu trois places dans le Global Peace index, classement annuel des pays les plus pacifiques au monde, realise par The Economist et un jury da€™experts, passant de la 54A¨me A la 57A¨me place, sur un total de 158 pays. Ce qui en fait le sixiA¨me pays arabe le plus pacifiste, aprA¨s le Qatar, les Emirats arabes unis, le KoweA¯t, le Sultanat da€™Oman et la Jordanie. La€™Islande reste en tAªte du classement tandis que la€™Afghanistan echoue A la derniA¨re place. Quen pensez-vous? A la une Hamid Chabat recu par le Roi A Oujda andamp;nbsp; Hamid Chabat, secretaire general du Parti de la€™istiqlal, a ete recu aujourda€™hui par le Roi A la residence royale da€™Oujda, avec pour sujet da€™audience, comme indique sur un communique du cabinet royal, A«la decision du Conseil national du Parti de lIstiqlal de se retirer du gouvernement A». Chabat a donc pu remettre au Roi le memorandum expliquant les raisons de la decision du PI de se retirer du gouvernement, afin qua€™il puisse proceder A un arbitrage dans le cadre du conflit opposant la€™Istiqlal A son allie-ennemi du PJD. Quen pensez-vous? Tribune libre andamp;nbsp; Chers lecteurs, cet espace vous est dedie. Vous pouvez desormais partager avec nous vos idees, vos suggestions, commenter une info ou publier un avis, dans le respect mutuel. Alors A vos claviersa€¦ Exprimez-vous ... Economie Le gouvernement a donne son accord pour le lancement de la 4G andamp;nbsp; Le gouvernement vient de donner son accord pour le lancement de la 4G. LAgence Nationale de Regulation des Telecommunications (ANRT) lancera donc bientA´t un appel doffres en vue de loctroi des licences 4G dici la fin de lannee. Les services de 4A¨me generation devraient ainsi demarrer en 2014. Selon Azzeddinne Al Mountassir, le president de lANRT, ce sont les plaintes de la population sur la qualite actuelle des services 3G qui a convaincu le gouvernement de donner son accord pour la€™installation prochaine de ce reseau dans le pays. A€ travers ce projet, le Maroc voudrait ameliorer la qualite de ses services mobile et Internet et renforcer la couverture nationale en haut-debit dans les zones rurales, en proie A la€™enclavement. Quen pensez-vous? Le Groupe Alliances signe une convention de partenariat avec Dell andamp;nbsp; Le Groupe Alliances et Dell ont signe une convention cadre de partenariat portant sur la commercialisation des programmes immobiliers du Groupe, et qui permettra aux 2000 collaborateurs Dell de beneficier A des conditions preferentielles de la€™ensemble de la€™offre du promoteur immobilier (Habitat social andamp; Intermediaire, Programmes Residentiels, Resorts Golfiques), avec un accueil et un service personnalises. Dell organisera deux journees portes ouvertes, les 2 et 3 juillet, afin de presenter les details de cette convention et de faciliter les demarches A ses salaries. Premier groupe immobilier et touristique integre au Maroc, Alliances confirme A travers cet accord son intention da€™offrir aux citoyens la possibilite da€™acceder au logement A travers une offre variee. Quen pensez-vous? DHL transporte des gorilles en voie de disparition du Royaume Uni au Gabon andamp;nbsp; Dans le cadre da€™une initiative de conservation unique en partenariat avec la€™Aspinall Foundation, DHL, la premiA¨re societe de logistique au monde, a transporte une famille de neuf gorilles A dos argente du Zoo de Port Lympne dans le Kent au Parc National des Plateaux Bateke, au Gabon. La€™initiative A« Back to the Wild A» (Retour dans la nature) de la€™Aspinall Foundation fait partie de son engagement permanent A repeupler la population sauvage avec des espA¨ces menacees ou gravement menacees, suite A ses programmes au succA¨s sans precedent da€™elevage en captivite dans ses parcs animaliers du Kent. Les gorilles, leur nourriture et la€™equipement veterinaire, avec un poids global de 1820 kg, ont parcouru 9 000 km, depuis le Royaume-Uni jusquA Bruxelles, puis A bord da€™un Boeing 767 specialement equipe jusqua€™A Lagos, au Nigeria, et enfin vers Franceville, au Gabon. Pour la derniA¨re etape du voyage, ils ont ete transportes en helicoptA¨re vers le parc national en collaboration avec les autorites du Gabon. Quen pensez-vous? Un nouveau site pour la Commission nationale de contrA´le de la protection des donnees A caractA¨re personnel andamp;nbsp; Dans le cadre de sa strategie de communication, la Commission nationale de contrA´le de la protection des donnees A caractA¨re personnel (C.N.D.P) a mis en ligne son nouveau site web, cndp.ma. Cette nouvelle version offre plusieurs fonctionnalites, dont un moteur de recherche, un espace de telechargement et un service de depA´t de plaintes en ligne, et permet aux visiteurs de sa€™informer sur les missions de la CNDP, les droits des individus A la€™egard du traitement de leurs donnees personnelles et les obligations des organismes publics et prives traitant ces donnees. Quen pensez-vous? News de la bourse ClA´ture dans le vert pour la Bourse de Casablanca andamp;nbsp; La Bourse de Casablanca clA´t ce mercredi dans le vert, avec la hausse de son indice global (MASI) de 0.12%, pour 8924.68 points, et un MADEX avancant de 0.17%, pour 7259.71 points. Le FTSE CSE Morocco 15, indice compact developpe en partenariat avec le groupe international FTSE et comprenant les grandes capitalisations les plus liquides, a egalement connu une hausse, A 0.60% pour 8778.07 points. Quen pensez-vous? Politique Les partis de la€™opposition furieux aprA¨s la fuite du bilan annuel du gouvernement avant sa presentation devant le Parlement. andamp;nbsp; Le president du groupe socialiste A la 1A¨re Chambre, Ahmed Zaidi a indique au quotidien Al Ahdath Al Maghribia que cette fuite ne sert en rien laction des institutions et se trouve en porte-A -faux avec la logique du partenariat et de la complementarite entre elles, alors que le president du groupe du PAM, Abdellatif Ouahbi a qualifie cette fuite detat dhysterie politique et mediatique du gouvernement qui craint dechouer A concretiser ses promesses. Quant A Rachid Talbi Alami, president du groupe RNI, il a souligne que lExecutif se devait, sur le plan moral, de presenter en premier lieu son bilan devant le parlement. Quen pensez-vous? Abdellah Bouanou affirme que le gouvernement ne doit pas rester otage de la culture de la justification andamp;nbsp; Abdellah Bouanou accuse des parties dans lentourage royal de vouloir entraver le processus des reformes. Le president du groupe parlementaire du PJD A la Chambre des representants, qui intervenait mardi lors du Forum mensuel de la MAP, a souligne lexistence de parties conservatrices dans lentourage royal qui A“uvrent A entraver le processus de reformes que lactuel gouvernement tente de mener A bien, en vue de maintenir le statuquo qui sert leurs interAªts personnels et leurs postions, ajoutant que la patience du parti de la Lampe face A ces manA“uvres perturbatrices a des limites. Quen pensez-vous? Education Le pire taux de reussite enregistre depuis 15 ans andamp;nbsp; Ils sont 484 778 candidats A avoir passe les examens du baccalaureat, mais uniquement 146 979 A la€™avoir obtenu, soit 37.91% des candidats. Selon le ministA¨re de la€™Education nationale, ce taux de reussite est le pire taux enregistre ces quinze derniA¨res annees. Les meilleurs taux de reussites ont ete observes chez les scientifiques (45,91%), plutA´t que des litteraires (27,82%). Les candidats libres ont moins reussi (13,39%) que les autres (46,6%). 175 904 candidats pourront retenter leur chance A pendant des sessions de rattrapage, prevues le 11 juillet. Quen pensez-vous? Sport Zidane sera un des adjoints de Carlo Ancelotti au Real Madrid andamp;nbsp; LItalien Carlo Ancelotti, nouvel entraA®neur du Real Madrid, a annonce que Zidane sera lun de ses adjoints. Zidane a decide davoir un rA´le dentraA®neur et je suis trA¨s heureux de travailler A ses cA´tes. Ce sera un trA¨s bon adjoint, en plus de mon adjoint habituel Paul Clement a declare Carlo Ancelotti lors de sa conference de presse dintronisation A la tAªte du Real Madrid. Il sera sur le banc. Le seul problA¨me est quil ne pourra pas jouer, a lance en souriant Carlo Ancelotti, qui a signe pour trois ans au Real Madrid. Quen pensez-vous? Le Buzz du net Levitation A cA´te dun bus A Londres andamp;nbsp; Un illusionniste anglais au nom de Dynamo a surpris les touristes londoniens en planant A cA´te dun bus A imperiale. Pepsi lui a demande de parcourir Londres en levitation. Beaucoup de gens se sont interroges sur la methode utilisee par le magicien pour y parvenir. Voir la video Humeur du cielandamp;nbsp;: Jeudi 27 juin 2013 Casablanca :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps ensoleille, temperatures entre 28A° et 21A°.andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp; Rabat :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Tempsandamp;nbsp;ensoleille, temperatures entre 31A° et 19A°. Marrakech:andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps ensoleille, temperatures entre 43A° et 21A°.andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp; FA¨s :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Tempsandamp;nbsp;peu ensoleille, temperatures entre 37A° et 17A°. Tanger :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps ensoleille, temperatures entre 27A° et 118 A°.andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp; Oujda :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Tempsandamp;nbsp; ensoleille, temperatures entre 29A° et 14A°. Laayouneandamp;nbsp;:andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps peu nuageux, temperatures entre 28A° et 17A°.andamp;nbsp; Paris :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps averses dans la€™aprA¨s-midi, temperatures entre 20A° et 19A°. Barceloneandamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps Ciel ensoleille dans la journee, temperatures entre 24A° et 17A°. Istanbul :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps variable avec des belles eclaircies et averses eparses, temperatures entre 31A° et 17A°. DubaA¯ :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Ciel nuageux, temperatures entre 36 et 27A°. Doha :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps ensoleille/vente, temperatures entre 43A° et 33A°. Djeddah :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Ciel clair et ensoleille pendant la journee, temperatures entre 41A° et 28A°.andamp;nbsp; Londres :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps plutA´t ensoleille, temperatures entre andamp;nbsp;20A° et 11A°. New York :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps ensoleille, temperatures entre 7A° et 16A°. Hong Kong :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps ciel un peu nuageux dans la journee, temperatures entre 30A° et 26A°. Shanghai :andamp;nbsp;andamp;nbsp;Temps couvert, pluie moderee, temperatures entre 26A° et 22A°. andamp;nbsp; andamp;nbsp; Visitez notre page facebook sur : Suivez-nous sur twitter: Si vous ne souhaitez plus recevoir le20heures, sur ladresse ([email protected]), vous pouvez vous desinscrire ici en confirmant la desinscription dans la nouvelle fenAªtre qui souvre Pour nous faire parvenir des informations, veuillez envoyer un email A [email protected] Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
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    Doa Brasil Testado e Aprovado

    The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! A OlA¡! Vai uma ajuda aA­?Receba inAºmeras doacAµes, direto na sua conta,apenas por ajudar dois amigos...Cadastre-se jA¡ e compartilhe!Sem intermediA¡rios, depA³sitos direto na sua conta!www.doabrasil.org/fcolivercaso nA£o consiga abrir o link acima,copie e cole no seu navegadorEntidade FilantrA³picaSem fins lucrativos A InstituicA£oA A AtenciosamenteA FranciscoA A A A Caso queira remover seu email da lista, responda esse email com a palavra - REMOVERA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
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    The following email is a scam, please treat it with caution, do not click on any links unless you know what you are doing! AVIS DE RECRUTEMENT:Dans le cadre de la€™initiative A« Immigration pour Tous A»du Gouvernement canadiens, la€™EMPLOI QUA‰BEC lance au titre de la€™annee de 2013 un recrutement ouvert aux cadres et jeunes diplA´mes de tous les continents dans plusieurs specialites. Il est recherche avant tout des personnes capables de travail sous pression et en groupes au sein da€™une entreprise.EMPLOI QUA‰BEC sont aujourdhui A la recherche de personnels experimentes en particulier en audit dentreprise,contrA´le de gestion,expertise comptable, gestion des ressources humaines, montage de projet marketing,chauffeur, plomberie communication,droits des affaires,commerce international,agricole,agro-industrie et transformation des aliments,management de qualite, connaissance dans les normes de qualites, transport et logistique secretariat,secretariat bilingue, secretariat informatise,operateur bancaire,medecine,infirmerie,financements de projets, assurance,brevets, licences intellectuelle,hA´tellerie,restauration,ingenierie,informatique,service publique,agronomie, relation publique, publicite pour travailler dans ses agences dans la ville de QUA‰BEC.Secretaire de lEntrepriseHYDRO QUA‰BEC [email protected] conversation Click here to view this scam in full at ScamSearch, complete with sender details...
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    Begging v Scaming

    Re: Begging v Scaming I receive about 30 e-mails a day and at least one will lack any evidence that it is a scam; however in 10 years, only three were able to convince me that the charity was genuine. @Jean I think we will have to differ here, the damage done to the victim of a Romance Scammer is terrible and I know of at least one victim who committed suicide. However, from a moral point of view, is it not worse to steal from your own tribe/group? At least the victim of a love scam is a foreigner. Another evil type of scam is the hitman variety which can cause vulnerable people extreme distress. I must confess, I feel little sympathy for victims who must know that the fund transfer is illegal, but help the scammer to remove money from a dormant bank account.