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  1. Apologies - site back to normal

    I did some research, and the person that hacked the site is a member of FALCONTEAMHACKERS(I ran it together to keep this post away from the Google crawlers.) I was able to get into their Facebook page, and reported them to Facebook for harassing a forum. I didn't mention us specifically. Lets see if I can get their page shut down. They appear to be an anti-Israeli group of hackers. They seem to be from around Miraco, and a lot of the replies are in Arabic. They have a lot of "No War On Syria" propaganda on their page, so I think that a lot of this had to do with The United States current political state with Syria. They have hacked may forums, even a math homework and non-sony PSP forum(which is still showing as hacked, BTW). The are braying about their exploits on their Facebook page, so hopefully Facebook will shut it down.
  2. Old Member - New Forum

    Thanks, Rev. I kept a lot of them. It was hard to keep all of them. The Michael Finucane one went on for a year, but a lot of them were deleted. just because took over a year before he finally realized that he wasn't going to get anything. They were all posted in the threads. I think that a lot of us forgot that the internet is not forever, and thought that the baits would always be there. I have a good bit of Michael's E-Mails and phone calls. I will try to collate them and and post what I have. Thanks again for the welcome.
  3. Old Member - New Forum

    Hello, everyone: I wanted to say "Hi" to everyone in the new forum. I was surprised to log in to see that everything has changed. I was "BobbyJ" on the "old" forum, and the old-timers will remember me from my most famous bait of Michael Finucane, where I baited him for over a year, and even had him send online greeting cards to me for my baiter name "Conal Cochran"(The villain from the Halloween movies). I finally had him saying "Mr. Corchran, plz forget my name". I worked him back and forth between "Conal", and his secretary "Connie Lingus" Sad that all of that is gone. There were tons of 4-Star baits there. I debated using my old screen name, but in the end, decided "New forum, New Name". I have a couple of "feeler" letters out, If they develop, I will post them in the main forum. If any of the old users read this, send a PM to me, and lets talk about old times. Anyway, that's me. HELLO new TSB.