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  1. finally

    So I seem to have resurrected a forum... having manually moved every table over from the old database things seem to be going well!
  2. [b]Test[/u]tag[/u][/b]

    Please tell me this still works
  3. [b]Test[/u]tag[/u][/b]

    Please tell me this still works
  4. [b]Test[/u]tag[/u][/b]

    Test reply
  5. Well, hello there Welcome to theScamBaiter version 2.0! It's been a chaotic few days, the server this site was on before was, shall we say, a bit ill. I'll apologise now for sending two emails saying the site was working again, when it wasn't. Both times I sent the emails out it was working fine, but then it got really really slow again. So I've moved it to my own server (for any techies it's an elderly HP ProLiant ML310 that I've upgraded to a 3GHz Xeon X3370, 4GB RAM (soon to be 8), running Windows Server 2012 R2) so now it's on the same server as and it lives in my home. It's reliable, and everything seems fine now (I hope!). So... what's new? The forum is running a whole new version of Invision Power Suite as you can see, so everything looks nice and new and seems to work much better. What better way to celebrate the new forum than to give it a try? A community is nothing without its members but together we can built theScamBaiter up to be something special (again). I'll make more of an effort to post, I've been busy but scams are something I care about so I will put some time into this now . There are plenty of scammers out there unfortunately, but together we will waste their time and resources - if you want to find someone to bait just head to and take your pick! Have fun but don't forget to stay safe and ethical - never use your real email address to contact them, you don't want a criminal knowing your name do you? If you're unsure about posting, we have a test area where you can post whatever you want. Lastly, if you have any feedback or questions or comments just comment below or send me a PM - I always respond!
  6. test

    I hope this still works
  7. test

    Testing posting for IPS 4.0
  8. Sorry I haven't been around much - my job leaves me with so little free time!
  9. India

    Hi Deee, yes it's a scam
  10. I've had lads give up a few times, it's rare but it happens, sometimes involves curses, other times they just start ignoring you
  11. Hi Dick, :welc0omeconfetti: and please keep us updated
  12. If you just stop contacting them you'll be fine, it's only if you wind them up that things can get bad!
  13. Hi, still waiting Let me know if you want help with a generator