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  1. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Friday August 23, 2013 arrested one Tope Ajayi over his alleged involvement in digital satellite broadcast scam. Ajayi was picked up by operatives of EFCC from his apartment located at 26 Link Bawo Road in Hausawa area of Kano following intelligence report. More...
  2. Raspberry PI

    This is my Bait Computer... You will see the webcam (bluetacked to the wall) and a cigarette to give you an idea of the size of it! I use these little things as smart controllers, but they work as a standalone computer. Cost for the full set? about A£40 from Maplin, RS Components or Farnell (Element14) (you will need a cheap spare monitor) Very safe, very cheap, and good fun to mess around with as well! Cheap and cheerful, and no problem if it gets hacked..... Just reboot and start the system again! Hope you find this useful
  3. I have another little suggestion here...... I am not sure how many of you have heard of Raspberry PI? No? Ooh, have a look at this! Raspberry PI is a computer (of Sorts) It runs a bastardised version of Linux, but can be set up to run other OS such as Python etc. It comes with a web browser, and the expensive verion even as an Ethernet port. I does have a couple of USB ports and can accept a webcam. OK, I can hear you all crying out that this is pretty crap spec.... but when you consider that at places such as Maplin, RS components or Farnell (Element 14) you can pick a full starter kit (power supply, PI, case, memory card, mouse and keyboard) for under A£40.00 you can see the advantages. Not fast, not pretty, but small and cheap!!!! I will be baiting in future using one of these units..... that prevents any risk to my normal system!
  4. hello to everyone

    Hello and welcome sir, the more the merrier is a good motto here Let give 'em hell
  5. I'm new to all of this and wasn't sure what to do with it.

    PS having looked at the Fargo information again, it does seem odd to me (in the UK) that it does include a customer form. This would not happen this side of the pond. Certainly if there have been attempts to online access your account. Why would they then send an online form? I would stay well clear, and would speak to the bank in person..... not even telephone!
  6. I'm new to all of this and wasn't sure what to do with it.

    Well, I have responded to the first email, asking why a Federal Bureau would be getting involved when I do not live in USA.... lets hope the confusion leads somewhere Accidentally I did let it slip that I am concerned as the amount seems quite low for any invoicable work I have done recently (hey hey, it appears I am rich, and didn't even know it ) Maybe this will cause a little drooling..... rich and stupid enough to answer one of their emails. Unfortunately I could not advise on the Fargo email.... To be honest, I thought Wells Fargo only existed in John Wayne movies (Sorry, being a bit yokel there)
  7. Hi There, Newbie here

    Hi There all, sorry for going quiet, but I had to do some of that stuff..... what is it called?, you know that stuff that gets in the way of life?.... Oh Yes, Work Anyhow, sorry for panicking about the random posts, but having now calmed down a bit (work as well as here), I am still trying to find a suitably susceptible 'Lad'..... I seem to be the only person who does not receive spam...... even when I go looking for it! Anyhow, nice to meet you all and will keep you all posted. I may need some help if I can get my little scheme to catch some fish
  8. THOR5509

    Nice. I like it. I know I once got one that was quite frightening, the amount of information they had! Go get the freakish frightening fornicators
  9. Newbie, But very Tecchy baiter available

    Oh cool, I think fun could be had..... Question, how secure is this message service? I would like to pass my Skype address over, possibly even a more direct contact method so planning is easier. Where are you based?
  10. Hi There, Newbie here

    No problem and thank you for the reassurance looking forward to having some fun here
  11. Hi There, Newbie here

    More posts attributed to me, and I cannot upload my avatar....... wondering if I should ditch this all together....
  12. Hi there, Am looking forward to joining in and nailing nefarious numpties, my personal and professional experience in a whole range of technologies, and an ability to speak fluent BS off the cuff, could make a valuable addition to a bait...... Also I would be interested in anyone who would mentor me with regards to baiting......
  13. Hi There, Newbie here

    My profile now says 9 posts, what is going on?
  14. Hi There, Newbie here

    Hi Guys, I once did something like this, with the very first scam mail I ever got back in 2002. I ended up managing to get the scammer to meet me at an airport...... just as I was leaving the country I was in Have always been a bit proud of that.... Anyhow, I did not know it has become a recognised sport, and I would love to have a crack at this. However, I joined this website a couple of minutes ago (as at time of writing) and already I have got notification of posts I have made..... I haven't posted anything yet, not even this (At moment of typing) so does that mean I have already been hacked? Ooops Anyhow, if I have not been hacked, I am all ready to string some scurrilous scammers along