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    Wow, nice respond compared to other forum. Many thanks and be sure its greatly appreciated!
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    Hello! I’m studying Cultural Anthropology (focus: Africa) in Germany. In autum I will make my Magister and I want to write about baiter. I create a survey for the Magister. I want to verify the complement of the literature about baiter with this survey. My attiontion was attracted by the fact, that the literature about scammer is much more extensive and detailed, then the literature about baiter. So I decided to write a Magister about baiter. Through a workshop about scamming and scambaiting I got into first contact and this subject directly took my interest. I can’t offer any compensation, beside the possibility to enrich the academic discourse and provide facts direct from the baiter. I don’t want to waste your time, I’m not a scammer or a badger. I would be very glad about a wide range of participation, and many thanks in advance. Feel free to answer short or long. The replies can be send to my e-mail-adress ([email protected]) or as post direct in the forum. Warm regards! Survey: 1.) Personal Data: Forum name: Age: Gender: Nationality: Education: 2.) When do you start baiting? 3.) How do you became a baiter? 4.) Why do you bait? 5.) How do you characterise your task? 6.) How much time did your shortest and your longest bait take? 7.) Which type of bait do you use? 8.) How do you characterise yourself as a baiter? 9.) How much time do you invest in baiting, in one week? 10.) How much scammer answer in average to 10 baits? 11.) Do you have a special spelling style? 12.) Which prospect do you have from the scammer? 13.) Why scammer fall for their own trick? 14.) How do you assess the global distribution of the scammers? 15.) How is your opinion about africa?