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  1. Re: What type of scam is pointless to respond to? and what's sad is that I was watching a scammer on remote desktop, he sent auto replies to the "failure notice" emails that bounced back. idiots..
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    This guy is mad!

    Re: This guy is mad! oh dear this is so fun xD
  3. Re: A really scummy Malaysia based love lad... yours for the taking time to get bank details.exe and make an ID out of this guy can't never get enough
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    Re: Passport bank details? Oh here you go Bank Of America 1080 South Elmhurst Road Mount Prospect, IL 60056 USA Account No: 195751274631 Routing No: 957474221 Swift Code : BOFAUS6N
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    Hi everyone

    Re: Hi everyone
  6. Butch was my childhood! Just wondering, in this news story, is this Butch? For some reason all his youtube videos and his telemarketertorture channel disappeared from youtube!
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    What is wrong with them?

    Re: What is wrong with them? Don't compare scamming with gambling. Gambling's actually profit in the long run, taking your chances with an unknown Nigerian prince are always losses.
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    Getting lads of Gmail

    Re: Getting lads of Gmail say you found another guy who uses yahoo and sent him your bank details. when you mention the 'other guy', they panic
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    Black money scammers arrested

    Re: Black money scammers arrested 1000000 Thai Baht equals 129064.00 Saudi Riyal OUCH
  10. Re: THE LADS HAVE A BRAND NEW WAY TO MAKE MONEY AT HOME! YA GOTTA READ THIS this is old, a variation of the black money scam
  11. Why is it that only the scammers that target rich people/police officers get caught? Let's look at the news reports this week: "DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Wayne County Sheriff's Office says deputies have arrested a man who was scamming people by pretending to be a DTE Energy worker. Read more: Police: Man posed as DTE Energy worker to scam business owner" Although the police normally doesn't get involved, when a landlord becomes a victim, they magically do? "COLUMBUS, Ohio - A mother of six said she put thousands of dollars into a home she hoped she and her family would live in for a long time. Only now is she learning it was all a scam." Read further into the Ohio news: "10TV spoke with the man claiming to be the real homeowner. He said he is equally as frustrated by the entire ordeal, with expensive items gone from his house, and people now living in it. He said he, too, is a victim of the scam." Source: 10TV Rental Scam Claims Two Victims With One Home | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio NBA stars: "Dozens of current and former NFL and NBA players may have been the victims of an investment scam. FINRA – the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – filed a cease-and-desist order against Success Trade Securities, alleging the online investment firm ripped off 58 investors, most of them pro athletes." Investment Scam Hits NFL, NBA Stars - ABC News Keyword: Cool car "A dummy website, set up to look like a dealership that closed years ago, was taking deposits on vehicles online, according to KRQE. One Canadian couple thought they had found their dream Cadillac Escalade on Alvarez Auto Sale's website. They paid a large deposit on the vehicle and then flew down to Albuquerque to pick it up. When the couple took a cab ride to the dealership from the airport they found that the address was actually for Outwest Auto Corral. The closed dealership was even still showing up on Google Maps as an open business. The owner of the new dealership wasn't involved in the scheme." Scam Car Dealership Website Steals Thousands The next one here, Australian tourists travel after discovering a cheap booking. "Claudia Natoli thought she was on to a good thing - so good that when she inquired about a luxury four-bedroom rental villa in Bali, she emailed the owner and asked: ''What's the catch?''" Wait, no rich people? What's the catch? Oh yea, read on: "Last week, NSW Fair Trading confirmed it had received complaints about the scam and encouraged others to come forward and lodge a formal complaint." Another police officer, even though these scams use other profiles daily: "Pittsburgh police are investigating the creation of a fake Facebook profile for a city police officer, who is recuperating from heart bypass surgery, as part of a scam to solicit money. " Read more: Scam uses Facebook, fake profile for officer | TribLIVE
  12. Re: Nigerian Scammer stranded in Bangkok Airport
  13. when did THAT happen? October 2012?!!! Wow, money hungry people. "“It was a perception and that caused the FATF to blacklist us. Now that our name has been taken off, there will not be a turning back,” the minister stressed and called on his colleague ministers and other institutions to collaborate in the fight against the canker." Our governments love to pretend like the scammers are not doing any serious damage.
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    Re: Hitlads I've waited 5+ years on Eater