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  1. Re: Nigerian Scammer stranded in Bangkok Airport well if that the case and your lad made the trip then well done
  2. Greetings

    Re: Greetings Thanks Tez I'll do exactly that
  3. Greetings

    Re: Greetings heres my reply to the original email: Dear Mr Gowan, Thank you for your email. I can buy unrefined 22 in the UK for £27,000 per kilo (or $41,000 equivalent) $45,000 per kilo with associated travel, assaying, shipping, export and import taxes and associated risks is not a good deal. What would be your very best price per kilo? If we can agree on a more realistic price and I receive certain assurances I may stop to view the product and production facilities as I'm heading down to SA at the end of the month. Could you please tell me a little more about your Operations, Mines, Ore Grades etc before we proceed any further Yours Sincerely D.B. Smeagol If this is legit I wont waste their time.
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    Re: Greetings Seems this may be legit, or am I mistaken(rookie) Hello Mr D.B Smeagol, Many thanks for your mail details to our Agent Mr Baggie and the content there in Is Well noted. We are cooperative local miners here in West Africa and we are looking for financial capable buyer who can make things real to us,We are ready to work with you and develop a cordia business relationship as you advice but we must meet face to face first.We do not work or ship Gold to the buyer we have not meet before for the safety of our transaction. Since you will be responsible for the shipment of the gold to your refinary, I will discuss with my other cooperative miners and see how we can give you the best price of 42,00USD Kindly indicate your direct telephone number in which I can reach you for more discussion. Hoping to hear from you Thank you Kwarteng Kwarteng YeboahGroup Managing Director Vulcain Mining Sarl Burkina FasoDiamond, Gold Mining & Mineral Prospecting Skype : armosac1886 Thoughts? Thats a bona fide company btw
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    Re: Greetings I'll see if he comes back to me. thanks for info
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    Re: Greetings I used IP Tracker, the google satellite map locater had it slap dab in the middle of Beijing. The email itself is a bit more sophisticated than some of the ones I've seen on the site, The originator understands Assaying, or at least knows the term. I'll have to create a couple more fake IDs, using google. I think I might just go into the gold business. They got my email from the mugu guestbook though, sure of that.
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    Re: Greetings Just had my first scam letter: Dear sir I got your contact when i was seravhing for the people who buy my late father gold when he was alive and i decided to contact you for this very mutal benefit. We are representative of mining association of Mali ,Burkina-Faso, And Abidjan cote D'Ivoire (West Africa) specialised in gold dust . We are looking for partners in Europe, Asia or USA . Below is are the characteristics Commodity : AU gold dust proposal Quantity :215 Kgs Quality : 22 carat plus Purity : 93 % Price : 45.500 $ / KG BUSH PRICE Origin : West Africa 1_ Buyer or his representative have to come down to africa and verify the evidence of the product ,Inspect the gold before shipment commence. 2 _ Buyer will be responsible for the shipment of the gold to his refinary . 3_ Seller or his representative will follow the buyer with the consignment to their refinery for the final assay and payment 4_ All expenses incur by the buyer will be deducted from the total sales before the final payment will be made to our nominated bank account.. 5_ After the first transaction, buyer and seller will sign a revolving of 50 – 100 Kegs monthly. We are also lasking that after the first sale of the gold,The buyer will help us use the part of the money realised to procure some mining equipment to enable us increase our mining strenght and whatever we realised from the mining will be supply to you on regular basis. We are also looking for financial capable buyer who can invest in our mining site at the ratio of 60-40% of our production. If you are interested by our proposal, please do let us know in order to deal officially with you can contact me on my pravite mail [email protected] My Best Regards Mr Baggie Gowan Unfortunately I screwed up. I'm trialling anonymizer (proxy) for a couple of weeks and its supposed to run seamlessly and continuously in the background. I sent a reply but only then thought to check if it was running. It wasn't, it's intermittent. A quick check of the original of my email shows my IP. Also I traced the IP it was sent from, or via, it was Beijing, possibly through a proxy. Them chinese boys are excellent crackers n hackers. So I think I'll drop it, they'll be more. Not impressed with anonymizer.
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    Re: Greetings yes I guess so, pity though.
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    Re: Greetings Do any of you guys ever plant keyloggers into any of the lads machines? If they're willing to open attachments then you can plant a FUD keylogger. Then you get everything and so long as your routing through a decent proxy your ID is completely undetectable. Now that is what I would call 'Ethical Hacking' . I used to enjoy hacking about 5 years ago, just for fun, mainly to demonstrate just how vulnerable peoples machines are, especially on open wifi. I had a look whats on the market and there are some excellent looking Keyloggers around. What would the forum users think about doing something like that?
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    Re: Greetings hes a character from a UK farming soap there's a whole family of them I will have lots of photos to use, for instance when Dan's sick: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2073[/ATTACH] or drunk: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2074[/ATTACH]
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    Re: Greetings Thanks Tez I did create a profile at African introductions but nothing yet. I'll try that. Update. created profile at Tagged. http://www.tagged.com/profile.html?uid=5987804890 I'm going to create a few more of these to build a whole social circle of ficticious 'friends' . I'm going to have to set up a ficticious church also and create a website for it. There may be a bit of a delay in that as all my graphic creation programmes are on a couple of external hard drives at the ex wifes place. I'll have to get them or else down load what i need and crack them.
  12. Any scam emails relating to high finance: Commodities trading, Stocks Bonds Currencies etc let me know this is my field.
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    Re: Greetings And yes Moe, wasting their time is the name of the game, as far as I'm concerned. If they're busy tied up with baiters they've less time for ripping off gullible unsuspecting people like my uncle. Fortunately he is unemployed and has little money, so little was sent, however had he been a 'man of means' these individuals would have cleaned him out, of that I'm sure. I look forward to doing this but I know I need to protect myself. I'm going to buy a new clean laptop during the week and install a web proxy and use it only for baiting in case of back door key logging programmes. Any other advice for someone planning some serious scam baiting?
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    Re: Greetings Thanks chaps, I just registered on the business site Rev Moe directed me too. Any dating sites I can upload a false ID too free of charge to attract dating scammers?
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    Greetings ScamBaiters. Love the site and the work you do. Thought I'd introduce myself and tell you a bit about me and how I got here. We all like a bit of a yarn, so here goes: Just before Christmas I heard from my uncle in Ireland(old batchelor) that he had found a young lady on the internet. Fine I thought and thought nothing more. Later he sent me a photo, she was a stunner: 28, christian, white south african, orphan, no children, elderly grandmother trying to put herself through college. Hmmm I thought, sound too good to be true and it was of course. She had promised to come over and marry him and he spent a good deal of time and money doing up his house in prepartion. I also believe he sent 'her' money and gifts. A few weeks ago I visited my Mother, his sister, and the subject came up. I was pretty sure it was a scam and had told him, but he didn't listen so I decided to do a bit of digging. 'Her' name was Brobbey Osai, an African name. A Google search led me to delphiFAQ and within an hour I had found what I was looking for, a photo of her. A bit more digging and I discovered the photo was that of an american porn star called Ann Angel, often used by scammers. I sent the evidence and 'she' actually contacted me, to tell me how sincere she was, I told her I was an international fraudster and offered to go into business with him/her, just out of divelment, we havn't heard a thing from, or about 'her' since. Before that I didn't realise there was such a thing as a scam baiter. My personal circumstances changed last week when I gave up my job and moved 200 miles to care for my elderly parents as they are now too old to care for themselves. I need a hobby I thought...Scambaiting, that would be right up my street seeing as I'm essentially house bound with a good bit of freetime. so here I am. I intend to spend a good bit of time enjoying my new past time, I have a wicked sense of humour, formely a company director and university educated, highly intelligent. I can design and create fake websites and documentation, having been a bit of a hacker/programme pirate in the past and I enjoy the creative aspect of the work. Looking forward to talking to my first 'Lad' and I will be seeking advice from more experienced Baiters on the forum. Hope I prove to be a useful and entertaining addition to your site. All advice is welcome Cheers my preciouses Smeagol