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    isn't growing and collecting carnivorous plants work?
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    New to Scambaiter

  2. Tez

    JohnnyBgood here

    Welcome JohnnyBgood
  3. Was going to wait till I got back from Nimbin, but could wait, My friend in Malaysia sent me the link via the phone. http://news2.onlinenigeria.com/headline/131093-young-nigerian-students-in-malaysia-arrested-for-scamming-divorced-women-video.html
  4. Tez

    Test his/her chastity!

    Some really good ones.
  5. Another one that needs to be put against a wall.
  6. Tez

    Exposing TB Joshua - GhanaWeb

    TB Joshua needs to be put against the nearest wall and shot.
  7. Tez

    Your own, personal, country!

    We have a place like that in Australia
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    Your own, personal, country!

    I have no idea whats so ever, think its still a bit buggy.
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    Just saying Hi

    Hi Gaz and welcome.
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    Bank Teller Jailed for N1.7m Scam

    Most likely hubby will do a runner with the rest of the cash.
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    I'm a Newbie!

    Welcome and enjoy.
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    BathrobeHero Intro

    Re: BathrobeHero Intro