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  1. Sure I know Moe And to my knowledge there is no new French scambaiting forum...
  2. Okay Moe, but I even didn't search for the French language.. you know, since I work with you guys I made a lot of progress in English (of course except with Michael... )
  3. I love it Moe! that's cooool really nice... good job again I hope to find some time to come more often..
  4. Hi Robert! welcome to you and have fun!
  5. Hi Namirred welcome to you !
  6. Welcome to you! And please try it..
  7. Hi PilferingGoblin and welcome here!
  8. Hi milk welcome to you!
  9. Salut Betouche, bienvenue àtoi, j'espère aussi que ça marchera... mais y'a pas d'raison? ils sont toujours aussi con!
  10. Hi Jason welcome here!
  11. Hi Fernish89! Welcome to you..
  12. I love this smiley I didn't know this one...!
  13. Welcome Greenybaby! The right place to be...
  14. Hi highfly! Welcome here the right place for scambaiting. By the way for now there are still very few wealthy countries in Europe...