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    We have contacts with the law enforcement community who would be happy to help you with this. If a scammer sends you bank account details and asks you to transfer the money there, here's what to do: Email all of the following to [email protected], preferably in a single email: 1. The bank account as written by the scammer in his mail. No corrections or alterations necessary because we want to keep the original style from the scammer. 2. A list of the previous accounts from this bait if any. Makes it easier to connect them. 3. The e-mail in which the scammer gave you the new account - with the full e-mail headers! (((If you're using Google Mail, click on the arrow besides "Reply" and select "Show Original". A new window/tab will open and you can copy the interesting stuff that starts with Delivered-To and ends many lines later when the text of the e-mail begins.))) 4. The original scam format so that I can see the scam type. 5. Mails where one scam character sends you to the next one. Shutting down bank accounts may take hours or days, but regardless, tell the scammer that the transfer didn't work and ask for another account. Rinse and repeat, get as many of their bank accounts as possible. These cost them money, and shutting them down creates major problems for them, their OGAs (bosses), and their organizations.
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    No one knows why I closed the old forum because I never gave a reason. Some people will tell you the reason why, but it's impossible for them to know they can only "elude" to why, but trust me they are clueless. If you believe what they say, you DESERVE to believe what they say. One thing is for sure is that I was tired of being pressured to bait, or be active on my own forum. If it is mine, I can pretty much do whatever I want. As some of you would have noticed, there were months before hand where I was not active at all, just because of scambaiting burn-out. So, i decided to flick the switch on the whole thing. Oh, and a small dramatic PM so a few people just for fun No falling out though, i dont really care enough to argue with people. Anyhow, TSB is back, and it's time to do what the site does best. Fuck with criminals. p.s. no I do not own it anymore. p.s.s. stick this thread for re-n00bs to be educated!
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    Evening gents As some of you may have noticed I've not been baiting very much these days due to other commitments like eating, sleeping, working and real life. Sucks I know but I'm back in the game now and have just opened my baiting addys. And boy were my lads upset at my absences! Thing is you can't really just pick up again where you left off with lads... well the bright (and thus fun) ones anyway will notice your absence and make it awkward. Sure you can just say 'I was ill' or some such shite but how dull is that? Why not incorporate long absences, both through design and accident, into your bait? Less work, more enjoyment! I call it slow roasting and, like most slow roasted things the bait is all that much sweeter *and* you get to be a lazy bastard too while the lads flap around at the 'lost' money. Basically you leave your lad to roast, panicking as they do, and stop all contact with them for X amount of time. Then you spring an email on them such as the sort of email my lads have been getting; Now, lads are simple folk when they are boiled down and the email plays into two key aspects of a lad's psychology. The first his hunger for easy money (the insurance pay out) and the second the 'weak' victim (the crippled man in a wheelchair). I can almost guarantee that this lad will be right back to me no matter what we've had in the past and fawn all over me to get his hands on a cut of that $500 000! And best of all it means you can take a well earned break from baiting. Give it a go and let me know if anyone gets anything good of it. Enjoy!
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    An old new member from TSB,tried logging on to my old favourite site today after a while (wanted to listen to the classic 'Angry Moe' lad conference calls again)but couldn't find it anywhere,another baiter recommended me here so here I am.. From the UK,I bait for fun rather than justice,if I were more computer savvy I'd be a lil' more dangerous to lads than a waste of time. Although I don't consider myself a master..I tried to register the username 'Masturbaiter' but had some problem,couldn't work out what this was all about Human Verification In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. domain / ckey mismatch (SatZws6F9qT2DQ2pVJ3Kkl.7BAya05UX) If a mod could fix the username/handle for me that would be awsum
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    Re: Just wanted to say hi-de-hi When MR takes his meds he can be very helpful. I have no problem with you using COCK for your bait. When you're ready, one of us can set up a COCK email addy for you and have it forwarded to the gmail account of your choice. From there you'll need to configure gmail to send and receive using that account (we can help with that too, if you need it). There is also, as Moe already said, a collection of premade applications and forms that you can send to your lad as well as other resources. What I suggest first though, is that you gloss over some existing COCK baits and see how the mod works and when you think you're ready, we'll hook you up.
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    Re: Just wanted to say hi-de-hi LordCo's the one to ask re COCK - he invented it and makes the vast majority of the forms! We've got a couple more (seldom used) sites along the lines of COCK (including CUNT) but I've also got a fake shipping company site with tracking which I coded myself (it's basic but doesn't look too bad) if you need one.
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    Re: Just wanted to say hi-de-hi Thanks everyone for the welcome and especially Michael Rotchburns for taking the time to sort out my handle.I have a character who I've used on a couple of baits who is a preacher,after a few emails as a man he confides in the lad and confesses to being a post op transexual who has bisexual interest.This is her,the pic is actually the 'cannabis granny' from the UK who famously was outspoken on the laws here several years ago.The reason I mention it is I would very much like her to be under the employ of COCK/CUNT for any future baits,I love the COCK site,it maybe better even than anus laptops!Is there someone in particular I need to pm to ask official permission to use the COCK modality?thanks again [ATTACH=CONFIG]1859[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1860[/ATTACH]
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    Re: Just wanted to say hi-de-hi Nothing wrong with baiting for fun, Masturbaiter, it's why most of us do it anyway. I'm a "shit 'n giggles" baiter too. Welcome to Scamtacular. Let us know if you need anything and don't sweat the rules, we don't really have any.
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    Re: Just wanted to say hi-de-hi Hi and welcome Masturbaiter, no need to be a master just bait as you want..
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    Re: Just wanted to say hi-de-hi Username changed but you will now have to enter the new username to log in.
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    Re: Just wanted to say hi-de-hi I think the anti-bot script's got a bit messed up, I'll try to sort it out. And welcome!
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    Scams can show up any time, anywhere on the net! I found a trove of 'witch doctor' posts while looking at Google maps!
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    How does this scam work? What type of scam is this? Will they send money to a bank account if someone provides one? Will the money be stolen? How should I bait the scammer? Return-Path: [email protected] Received: from mip.hushmail.com (LHLO smtp1.hushmail.com) ( by server with LMTP; Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:46:12 +0000 (UTC) Received: from smtp1.hushmail.com (localhost []) by smtp1.hushmail.com (Postfix) with SMTP id 40EB6402CE for <>; Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:46:12 +0000 (UTC) X-Hush-Verified-Domain: outlook.com X-Hush-Real-Recipient: X-hush-tls-connected: 1 Received: from BAY004-OMC4S7.hotmail.com (bay004-omc4s7.hotmail.com []) (using TLSv1.2 with cipher AES256-SHA256 (256/256 bits)) (No client certificate requested) by smtp1.hushmail.com (Postfix) with ESMTPS for <>; Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:46:10 +0000 (UTC) Received: from BAY181-W44 ([]) by BAY004-OMC4S7.hotmail.com over TLS secured channel with Microsoft SMTPSVC(7.5.7601.22751); Tue, 31 Mar 2015 06:46:10 -0700 X-TMN: [Qo0cxhA7bs+em25TmICsj4+fo1eaV6up] X-Originating-Email: [[email protected]] Message-ID: <[email protected]> Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="_3cccacbd-457a-4578-b86b-598db4456739_" From: Marie Spaulding <[email protected]> To: Jay <> Subject: RE: Receptionist Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:46:10 +0000 Importance: Normal In-Reply-To: <[email protected]> References: <[email protected]> <[email protected]> ,<[email protected]> <[email protected]>,<[email protected]> MIME-Version: 1.0 X-OriginalArrivalTime: 31 Mar 2015 13:46:10.0743 (UTC) FILETIME=[0BF45C70:01D06BB9] How are you doing REP ID:# **MAR2015/PA** ? I wish to congratulate you on the new job, we had to verify all the information you provided. I hope i will have your 100 % loyalty and co-operation. Your quick response to e-mails and effectiveness will be required and you will be receiving your first assignment very soon. You will be emailed with detailed instructions, I have been checking my files and what i would want you to do for me this week is to run some errands out to some of the Foster Homes, I do that every month and mostly during festive period. I have some lists to email, you will make some arrangements by buying some stuff for the kids in the Foster Homes at any nearest store around you so you can mail them out and i will make payment arrangement for you. Please note that your payment for every assignment would be provided upfront so you don't have to spend any of your money while working for us. You shall also be provided with further instructions. I am glad to Inform you that we are going to make a direct deposit into your Bank Account for the processing of your First Assignment Task soon, you are to email me back with the following details below as soon as possible. Account Name:_______________ Bank Name:__________________ Account Number:______________ Routing Number:_______________ Personal savings: Yes/No _______________ Personal Checking: Yes/No_______________ Upon the receipt of the details, deposits will be made to the details above and will be post on the same day or next day which depends on the banks policy. Once again I want to use this medium to remind you that this first task would be used to evaluate your ability. However, I will arrange a meeting to see you in person on the 24TH of April, Let me know if you will be available to meet and I will get back to you with a location to meet. I want you to be rest assured that I'll never stress you at all in any task given to you and i promise to pay your fees weekly as we both agreed. I look forward to filling your dreams in timely manner, i will give you a call as soon as your first assignment payment has been sent out to you, i hope i will have your 100% trust and sincerity towards your first assignment as soon as payment is made out to you. I will be waiting to read back from you so as to send your first assignment instructions. From this point your maximum attention will be required, so i will urge you to tighten up your relationship with your email. Make sure you check your email 2-3 times daily. You are to adhere strictly to the Company's Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy that is you are to dress properly like you are in an office environment whenever handling your first assignment. Please email back to confirm you have received this email, This is your Representative Number ID:# **MAR2015/PA** and should be included in any email you send or receive. I await your urgent response. Take good care of yourself and have a blessed day Regards, Marie Spaulding
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    [ATTACH=CONFIG]n50105[/ATTACH]This may or may not be useful...
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    When you need expert legal help! Thanks Saul and the folks at Breaking Bad http://www.bettercallsaul.com/index.php
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    I sent this picture to a few dozen lads, without any text. Only a subject line: "I'm interested". As I know them incapable of irony, this reply is delirious..
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    19 May, 2013 Passports: [TD]754 (+25)[/TD] ID Cards: [TD]786 (+33)[/TD] Documents: [TD]521 (+21)[/TD] Total Value of Cheques ($): [TD]$24,850,000.00 (+0)[/TD] Total Value of Cheques (£): [TD]£2,000,000.00 (+0)[/TD] Total Value of Lottery Wins ($): [TD]$33,270,000.00 (+$2,570,000.00)[/TD] Total Value of Lottery Wins (£): [TD]£32,066,000.00 (+£1,000,000.00)[/TD] Total Value of Lottery Wins (€): [TD]€550,000.00 (+0)[/TD] Total Value of Cash Declarations ($): [TD]$7,134,179,430.19 (+$202,000,000.00)[/TD] Total Value of Cash Declarations (£): [TD]£314,234,612.32 (+£78,134,612.32)[/TD] Total Value of Cash Declarations (€): [TD]€97,000,000.00 (+€€2,500,000.00)[/TD] If you would like to contribute to the archive, please see this thread: http://www.thescambaiter.com/forum/f...cument-archive
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    What the fuck? I thought I was banned from TSB. You bought the TSB domain, that's both very very cool and hilarious. WTG guys!
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    Re: Enregistrez vos conversations Skype Merci Jean! Je l'essaierai des que j'aurai un mugu qui utilise skype en audio et c'est tres rare. pour moi c'est mieux quand ils payent!
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    Gratuit, plus simple c'est impossible.. le meilleur du monde! MP3 Skype Recorder | Free Skype call recorder
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    Re: Enregistrez vos conversations Skype I wish I would've known about this a couple of years ago when I bought "Pamela Skype Recorder"
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    Un petit outil qui donne la valeur estimee d'un site internet, mais aussi quelques informations interessantes.. http://urlpouls.co/
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    Salut a tous: 5 mois de travail, plusieurs groupes de chasseurs d'escrocs sur le coup.. resultat edifiant:
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    Re: mecanique d'un gang Nigerian Je connais deja ce travail bien sur, mais encore un grand bravo... huge huge work!! I hope those who doesn't speak french will understand a bit...
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    On le sait, les mugus sont champions pour nous trouver les webmails les plus improbables, de Chine, du Guatemala, d'Inde.. bref, pour ma curiosite personnelle et pour comprendre d'ou ca vient j'utilise un site tres pratique (que vous connaissez deja? ) qui propose aussi beaucoup d'autres fonctionnalites comme beaucoup de sites pour rechercher les hostname, IP etc, mais celui-la donne les informations sur le webmail plus clairement que les autres je trouve, a qui appartient il ? quels sont les serveurs? les adresses de connexion etc... A chaque fois que je cherchais dans Google je tombais sur ce site en premier et j'avais a chaque fois mon info, je l'ai adopte! http://www.robtex.com (cliquez sur DNS pour les webmails)
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    ¡?onb ?uu?d ?un ?s?,? `?c ???o? ?e ?n???u?p?o ???o? `u??? z??nod ?,u sno? ?nb s??? `?onb ???od??,u `???q ,,es?uo???u?sep ?u???nb??d???,, ?s? pp ?l ?nb no ,,?nb????o??? uo?s???u?,, ?un ? ?n???uo? ???o? ?nb ?ld??x? ??d `?n???u?p?o ???o? ? ??elqo?d un z??? sno? ?nb ?nl s???p ¡u??? ?l su?p ?nbn???d ?un ? n?n? ?l `?u???pe??? ?uou?? ?? s?d ??e? ??ss?,u l? `?c ???o? ?olq un,p z??e sno? ?s `sd??? u? sd??? ?p ??x?? ?l su?p s?s???d s???no? no s?o? s?nbl?nb ??sn? z??esu? `uo??u? ¡¡?l???p se?? ???ds?,p ?nb??s?u??? ?un ???ss???u ?l?? ??c ???o? ?nl z??e `u??? sd??? un ??p??d ?? ?nl ?? n?n? ???o? ?n?u?p ??pu?? ?nod ???? ??l sno? ?p ?ns u??q ?ss??d??,? ?? ?nb ?n?? un Un truc que je m'empresse bien sur de vous livrer ici.... Pour rendre dingue votre mugu et lui faire perdre un temps certain, ecrivez lui comme ca. Cela necessite une gymnastique d'esprit tres difficile!! Attention, inserez juste quelques mots ou courtes phrases dans le texte de temps en temps, si vous ecrivez d'un bloc comme ca, il n'essayera meme pas et renoncera immediatement, le mugu a une perruque dans la main! Dites lui que vous avez un probleme avec votre ordinateur, par exemple que votre moniteur a une "inversion chromatique" ou que le DD est "graphiquement desynchronise" bref, n'importe quoi, mais que vous n'y pouvez rien, votre ordinateur ecrit comme ca, c'est une panne quoi! http://www.sherv.net/flip.html
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    Une application tres pratique, rapide, facile et sans installation pour telecharger a la volee et en un clic toutes les photos que vous voulez de vos chers amis facebook. Il suffit de vous connecter a facebook en haut de la page, autoriser l'application (allow) et vous laisser guider... Vous recuperez vos photos sur votre ordi, dans un dossier zipe tout chaud! http://www.picknzip.com/
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    Je ne me souviens plus ou j'ai trouve ca, mais c'est tres pratique quand tu dois envoyer un document (photo, CI, WU..) a ton mugu, mais que tu ne veux pas. C'est un peu plus sophistique que de renommer une .dll, le mugu aura l'impression de ne pas posseder la bonne version du logiciel. Le rendu de certains fichiers (.doc) est tres realiste dans le genre fichier corrompu... http://www.xnet.se/fd/
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    Salut les amis. comme nous le savons tous, nos amis escrocs africains sont tres chatouilleux sur la magie, la sorcellerie etc.. dans le cadre d'un bait je me suis fait maudire par mail par un "sorcier fetiche" beninois... normalement j'aurais du mourir dans d'horribles souffrances il y a de ca un bon moment bref.. Voici la formule en question: n'hesitez pas a l'envoyer a un beninois, il va se faire dessus... tozemi toyimi sounou yonou toyimi ayiwele adjato ayoto ayiwele gnonnou tossi ma non fon bo non gon sido ayome fiao fiao ayiwele gao gao ayiwele XXXXXXX (inserer ici le nom de la pooooovre victime ) ayiwele ayiwele ayiwele je l'ai faite traduire par un beninois, en gros cette malediction retire les forces de la victime pour les reinjecter dans celle de l'envoyeur...
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    Re: malediction vaudoue Merci Pwof J'en ai deja parle a Ivor pour l'un de ces baits, il magouille en ce moment avec un mugu qui y croit...
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    Je pense qu'il serait bien qu'on puisse savoir qu'une section en francais existe dans la page d'accueil du site, surtout pour les croqueurs qui ne sont pas encore enregistres.
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    Re: Information sur la page d'accueil Heureux que vous l'aimez, mon ami. Je vais l'ajouter a la page d'accueil de demain.
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    Re: Information sur la page d'accueil Exactement! c'est tout a fait ce que je pensais
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    Re: Information sur la page d'accueil Comment a ce sujet? logo3fr.png[/attachment:2v6jn1mg]
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    Re: Information sur la page d'accueil Lordco est certainement le type de banniere, je suis sûr qu'il va comprendre quelque chose
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    Re: Information sur la page d'accueil Pas besoin de faire quelque chose d'important, par exemple juste un bandeau sur la page d'accueil: "On parle aussi francais ici!"
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    Re: Information sur la page d'accueil
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    Re: Information sur la page d'accueil Jean a ecrit: Je conviens mes amis de mousquetaire. Parfois un a besoin de personnes semblables pour te donner le courage. Vivent les vengeurs de mousquetaire ! Mousekateers.jpg[/attachment:2ut1udnu]
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    Re: Information sur la page d'accueil Bonne idee Batoum, les francophones auront le courage d'aller plus loin...
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    Lucky me I didnt trust them more than to pay 45 €, so it isnt so bad. But I get mad, how can people do things like that? They still try to make me pay another 99 €.. They have called and they email about 10-20 times a day just to make me pay. Threaten me to take legal action against me because I wont pay.. If I could afford it, I would go down to Benin and kick their ass!
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    I love it Moe! that's cooool really nice... good job again I hope to find some time to come more often..
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    One more. 1) Which country do you work from? United Kingdom 2) Which city do you work from? Manchester City 3) How long have you been a 419 scammer (email scammer)? Four Years 4) How did you first get involved in 419 scamming? Through friends 5) How old were you when you started? 26 year 6) How old are you now? 30 year 7) About how much do you earn per month from 419 scams? No specific amount(vary) 8 What is the average amount of money that you earn from a typical 419 scam? Depending on your client 9) What is the largest amount of money you have ever gotten from a single victim? $7,000 10) Do you have another job/occupation or are you a "full-time" scammer? What is your other job?None 11) About how many people have fallen for your scams altogether? NO ANSWER 12) What percentage of the emails that you send out get responded to? (For example - out of 1,000,000 emails, how many responses do you get?) Depending on awareness of the email owners 13) Of those responses - how many fall for the scam and send you money? No answer 14) What online services, websites and products do you use for 419 scamming? (For example, PayPal, PhotoShop, HotMail, ect...) gmail 15) What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a 419 scammer like you? Not a Good Job 16) What advice would you give to someone who wants to avoid being scammed by a 419 scammer like you? Never Trust Any story from a stranger. (mouaahhhh!!.. ) 17) How did you learn to write and speak English? Went to school 18 Where do you get the ideas for your 419 scams? (For example, do you make them up yourself or do you copy what other scammers have done?) We make them up.Its a make believe film. 19) Are there any online communities, forums or message boards where you go to meet and chat with other scammers? (If so - please provide example URLs.)None i know of. 20) What part of your job do you like the most? When payment is made by a client. 21) What part of your job do you hate the most? Sleepless nights. 22) Are most of your friends and family members aware of your 419 scamming or do you keep it a secret from them? Why or why not? Its a Secret. Why? because it is a bad job.My family do not encourage fraudsters. 23) When people, who you don't know well, ask you what you do for a living - what do you tell them? Business. 24) When you fill out your tax forms - what do you list as your occupation/job? I don;t pay tax 25) Which types of 419 scams have worked the best for you in the past? Lottery 26) Describe your typical 419 scam and briefly tell us how it works. No Answer 27) What qualities are required to be a successful 419 scammer? Just Luck 28 Do you ever feel guilty when you scam people? Why or why not? Yes.Why? because i know what am doing is bad. 29) The majority of 419 scammers are from the western and southern parts of Africa... Why is that?No alternative employment and corruption in government system. 30) Besides 419 scamming, what other crimes do you take part in? (For example - drug trafficking, counterfeiting, etc...) None 31) Have you ever been arrested? What for? No 32) Have you ever been "baited" or harassed by someone pretending to be a victim? How often does that happen? What do these "baiters" typically do? NO 33) Are you a religious person? Do you ever worry that, some day, God will punish you for scamming? Why or why not? I worry alot because it is written in the bible. 34) When you call a victim on the phone - how much does that cost you per minute? 50 cent on a cheaper call card. 35) Do you work alone or do you work with a group of people? prefer to work alone 36) What is your online name? (Not your real name, but the fake name you are known online as.) Rudy Smith. 37) What is your email address? (So I can contact you later and let you know when the story will air and where you can download it.) No Answer 38 Do you own the computer you work from or do you work from a cyber-cafe of some kind? Cyber Cafe 39) Is there anything you would like to share that we have not covered so far? Anything you would care to add to this list of questions?No Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
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    Re: What are the risks ? I second what Rev Moe said. Generally speaking, this is not a good idea. I'd say the risks are the following: 1. You'll anger him and he'll find a few friends in your area that may track you down to beat you up 2. You'll anger his oga (boss, paymaster) or chairman (gang leader). Oga subsidizes the lads for a lion's share of any scam money, a chairman may be an oga or oga's leutenant. I heard, they take some 90-95% of what their lads manage to scam. These guys are well connected criminals, and if they really invest into whatever you propose them, they may come after you for revenge, money, or both. 3. The gang may want to extract revenge on you by identity theft. The chances of that happening are low, but IMO the risk isn't worth it. I would advise to drop the bait, and just bait another lad, or rebait the same one with a made-up character/gmail account/google voice number with an area code far from your real location. Best way to drop the bait is to tell him that you been alerted by local law enforcement that this is a scam. If you tell him that local police or FBI (or similar if you're not in the US) told you in person that you're dealing with scammers, and you're not to deal with them or you may be legally liable, they should get off your case. The lads may contact you in the future using different characters--these are best ignored. Also to keep in mind is that he will not be paying out of pocket for the hotel and will not be reserving a limo. Stolen credit card accounts and victim/identity theft credit cards are extremely common over there in general. For a 419 scammer to use a legitimate credit card (his or his oga's) is an extremely rare. And you have no way to confirm a limo reservation, which they won't do simply because once the intended victims would arrive in Benin, they'd be stuck there with the lads--there is no need for lads to reserve anything, at best they'd make a reservation that won't require a deposit.
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    Re: Baiterbase - changes Aye, let me second the above; it's made my job a whole lot easier and I do love to use the site, I point other baiters to it all the time. Damn it mate I'll see what I can do about your funding situation... know I said that months ago but I do mean it!
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    Re: Poker NOT gambling Hi --in regard to judges--this being off-topic from scambaiting-- Here is an interesting fact--in 49 of the 50 US States, being a member of the State Supreme Court is accepted as one of the HOLY NINE or HOLY ELEVEN, or whatever. In essence THE LAST WORD--the HIGHEST COURT in the state. HOWEVER---this does NOT apply when it comes to New York State (and City) when it comes to the title. In New York the highest ruling judges are the Court Of Appeals. A Supreme Court Judge in NY State is not as big a title as it sounds like. There are oodles of them in every jurisdiction in the state. It is secondary to the Court of Appeals, but the title has enough 'juice' as to be impressive everywhere else. It's just like the police rank of 'Inspector', as in Clint Eastwood as Insp. Harry Callahan, which on the San Francisco Police Dept is just a detective....Compare to the NYC Police where an Inspector is a rank higher than a Captain. I fold...MJB RIP AMARILLO SLIM DIED 2012
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    The administrators have unanimously agreed that Ivor should be made Super Moderator effective immediately. Super Mods are essentially Sub-Admins with most of the powers and authority of Full Admins. As this site grows, Ivor's vast baiting experience and universal respect will be invaluable in keeping this site running smoothly.
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    J'en connais deja quelques un ici, et apres un echange fructueux et interessant avec un autre baiteur, j'etend ma cour de recre histoire d'en apprendre plus, et de m'amuser, pour faire tourner en bourrique nos chers Heureux d'etre des votres et de pouvoir me marrer encore plus I know some people here, and, after a good chat with another scambaiter, I want my play'in' field getting larger, in order to learn more, and enjoy, drive our dear lads crazy. Happy to be one of yours and to have fun, more and more.
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    Hello! Je sais que cette video fait polemique sur le net depuis le debut.. oui, c'est vrai, ils ont aussi utilise quelques fakes, et alors??!