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Ethics 101




Although it may not sound like it when reading bait transcripts, most scambaiters do have a set of ethics or a code of conduct that they try very hard to abide by. You will find as you move from baiting community to baiting community that ethics will vary (see “Tattoos” below), but for the most part, the guidelines are similar.


Cashbaiting is quite simply, the act of getting your lad to send you money or other negotiable securities. It is illegal, immoral and casts you in a very poor light.

On every forum you find devoted to baiting, getting caught cashbaiting will almost certainly result in you being banned. This one included. Some forums might even go so far as to rat you out to your local authorities. Don’t do it.


It’s not a secret that most lads you will come into contact with are going to be from West Africa. Yes, they can also come from some former Soviet republics, China, South-East Asia and even India, but West Africa is by far the leader of the pack. This simple fact is more than enough evidence for some people to slap a racism label on the whole of scambaiting, but it’s even worse when the baiter IS racist.

On this forum we take a very dim view of racebaiting. If your sole motivation for doing this is because your lad is a different race than you, then you need professional help and you are not welcome here.


It’s almost impossible to bait someone and not have it affect other people in the lad’s life. However, it is a good policy to limit the involvement of innocent third parties as much as possible. While it’s easy to look at a place like Nigeria and see it as border-to-border scammers, the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of people there are just living their lives in peace, just like you.

When you make your lad do something that involves disrupting the lives of people who have no direct involvement in the scam your lad is trying to run on you, it’s just bad baiting.


Whenever the situation arises, you should be willing to cooperate with law enforcement if it has a chance to bring your lad to justice. Beware, however, of people and/or baiting communities that brag about secret law enforcement contacts that you are not permitted to talk with directly. The scams you will be exposed to are, for the most part, financial fraud and not a secret, global conspiracy requiring deep undercover operatives that will only speak from the shadows. If you cannot talk with the officer who wants your evidence, OR they do not want to talk to you, then there’s a very good chance you’re being jerked around yourself.


No matter how evil/disgusting/unscrupulous/despicable your lad is, he does not deserve to be put in a situation that will cause him death or physical harm. You are a baiter, not a judge, jury and/or executioner. We do not look kindly on baiters who feel that getting their lads killed or injured is a suitable punishment for anything.


Of all the controversies in the baiting community, none evokes such strong debate as tattooing your lad. Our official position on the matter is neutral. We’re not going to ban you if you tattoo your lad in a bait, but we’re not going to encourage it as an acceptable practice either. Some issues must be left up to the individual baiter, and this is one of them.


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